Body of Proof: “Pilot”

 Grade: C

Airdate: 3/29/11

The first time I saw a preview for Body of Proof my favorite show Bones instantly popped into my head since the two seemed very similar. With this is mind I decided to watch the pilot, which only reassured my assumption. The show is built around Dr. Megan Hunt, a medical examiner played by Dana Delany. Dr. Hunt is introduced as a genius, work alcoholic with a troubled past, who struggles to connect with her estranged family and has hardly any friends. That should sound familiar to any Bones fans as Dr. Temperance “Bones” Brennan. Dr. Hunt has been recently partnered with medical investigator and ex-cop Peter Dunlop, played by Nicholas Bishop. Or as I saw him a less attractive version of David Boreanaz character from Bones, FBI agent and former army ranger Seeley Booth, who is partners with Dr. Brennan.

The Bones similarities continue throughout the show. Dr. Hunt’s boss is hot female Dr. Kate Murphy, just like Dr. Brennan’s boss hot female Dr. Camille Saroyan. Dr. Elliot Gross is not in the pilot that much but seems to be Dr. Hunt’s nerdy mentee, just like Dr. Zach Addy from Bones.

Getting away from the Bones similarities and looking at Body of Proof its own show, the pilot did fairly well at introducing the characters and the show. The episode was equally divided into solving the murder of lawyer/runner Angela Swanson and telling the audience about Dr. Hunt and the other characters. One aspect of the show I did like was that the murder was acted out as Dr. Hunt explained what had happened, which was kind of cool. I’ll give Body of Proof another chance and see if it is any less like Bones next week.

Watch Body of Proof

What the New York Times thought

Promo for next week’s episode


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