NCIS: “Tell All”

 Grade: B

Airdate: 3/29/11

This episode of NCIS was an exciting ride with a lot of twist and turns. It started with the body of a Navy Commander being discovered and set up the big mystery of the episode since he wrote “birdsong” on a rock in his own blood before he died. This prompted Gibbs and the team to investigate “birdsong”, which ended up being a secret D.O.D. operation and a tell all book. For most of the episode everyone thinks the book is a matter of national security since the Navy Commander and a female FBI agent both read the book and ended up dead. Through lots of twist including a college-aged female arms dealer and an exploding storage locker, the team and Tobias from the FBI figure out that the murders were the actions of a jealous and confused husband (he whacks the wrong guy).

The episode was exciting because you thinks it’s a big security risk and a government cover-up but turns out to be a jealous husband with a cheating wife, which is funny since Gibbs and Tobias spend the whole episode trying to decide if they are going to their ex-wife, Diane’s wedding. So I say a good episode with the normal level of murder, seriousness and jokes.  

Watch “Tell All”

Promo for next week’s episode


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