NCIS: Los Angeles: “The Job”

 Grade: A

Airdate: 3/29/11

I have been watching NCIS: Los Angeles since it started and have seen almost every episode. The show is almost at the end of its second season and I am still not sure if I like it yet. I usually only watch it when I’m bored or if a show I actually like isn’t on. With that said, this has been my favorite episode so far. This episode focused on the relationship (romantic and partner) of Special Agent Kensi Blye, played by Daniela Ruah, and LAPD Liason Marty Deeks, played by Eric Christan Olsen. Kensi was partnered with Deeks about half way through season two, after her first partner was killed at the end of season one. So they have been together for a while, but their relationship hasn’t really been established, until this episode.

The LA team seems to go undercover more often than their Washington, D.C. NCIS counterparts. In this episode Kensi went undercover to work with art/weapons theif Stanley King, who turns out to be much more dangerous than originally thought and kills his partner right in front of Kensi. Throughout the episode Deeks begins to worry more and more about Kensi as Callen and Sam ( Tony 1 and Tony 2 of the L.A. team) think everything is fine. The episode stayed exciting as the team losses contact with Kensi. In the end she is saved by the team, but mostly Deeks, who also brings food and beer to her apartment after the mission is complete.

I liked this episode because it finally addressed the partner relationship Kensi and Deeks that was lacking and hinted at a possible romantic relationship between the two. I may actually like NCIS: Los Angeles now, but like most things the original is still better.

Watch “The Job”


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