Body of Proof: “Letting Go”

 Grade: C+

Airdate: 4/3/11

“You have great instincts about the dead, Megan but with the living you suck.” I said during that last Body of Proof post that I would watch the second episode and see if it was any less like Bones. This episode was a little better than last week, but I decided to start with that quote because Megan could easily be taken out and replaced with Brennan/Bones. Dr. Megan Hunt’s assistant/side-kick Dr. Elliot Gross, played by Geoffrey Arend, made a bigger appearance in this episode and actually seems more like Dr. Jack Hogdins than Dr. Zack Addy from Bones. But, I will try not to focus too much on the Bones similarities this time since I actually liked this episode a little better.

With this being the second episode there was more time to focus on the case since the characters had already been established for the most part. Dr. Hunt’s team was investigating the deaths of couple Linda and David. The story kept you guessing as the team goes through a list of suspects including a controlling bar owner and a skinhead only to find out Linda’s father was actually the killer. There are a couple slow and boring evidence finding scenes that lack any dialogue, which did not seem to fit the pact of the episode.

Throughout the episode Megan is trying to reconnect with her 12-year-old daughter Lacey, played Mary Matilyn Mouser. The few scenes between them come off as almost too awkward and makes you feel more uncomfortable than sorry for Megan. The show is still new and I think it will be able to grow out of the awkwardness and hopefully away from the Bones similarities.

Watch “Letting Go”

Promo for Tuesday’s episode


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