Movie Monday: I Am Number Four

 Grade: D

Starring: Alex Pettyfer , Dianna Agron, Timothy Olyphant                           

When I first saw previews for I Am Number Four, I did not really have any desire to see it. I thought it looked like another early teen’s sci-fi movie, but I had heard that in the book the characters travel to Athens, Ohio. So living in Athens, I wanted to see that but sadly that part was left out of the movie.

What was kept in the movie was high-school/alien royalty John, played by Alex Pettyfer, who moves from California to Paradise, Ohio. John and his protector, Henri, played by Timothy Olyphant, are running from thuggish killer alien guys called the Mogadorians who are trying to killing John and the other alien royalty in numerical order.

The story is very predictable and has been done dozens of times. At school John befriends nerdy alien-hunter Sam, played by Callan McAuliffe, and love interest Sarah, played by Dianna Agron who I think is doomed to play a high school girl in Ohio for the rest of her life. Anyone can guess the course of the movie from about half way in. John and the other fight off the killer thugs while running all over Ohio and getting help from Number Six and some unlikely allies, like football jock Mark who first picked on John for being a weirdo. 

The movie had all the bad characteristics of an early teen action movie; non-original storyline, bad acting, bad special effects and a cast of unrealistic high school student (average age 20). The movie had some scenes of good action with explosives and mythical creatures killing bad guys, but lacked a story. But I guess I’m a little old for its target audience, my 12-year-old sister liked it.

I Am Number Four trailer

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