Body of Proof: “Helping Hands”

 Grade: B-

Airdate: 4/5/11

I guess in an attempt to get more viewers Body of Proof was on twice this week, airing on Sunday and Tuesday. The show has been getting progressively better and since it has been on so much recently it makes the episodes easy to compare. In this episode Dr. Megan Hunt (Dana Delany) realizes that she was and kind of still is a heartless person. Megan sees this while trying to solve the murder of social worker Elena, who was a former patients of Megan’s back when she was a neurosurgeon. Megan is told be Elena’s father that she had a huge impact on Elena’s life, which makes Megan feel heartless because she did not even remember her. Megan tries to get to know her colleagues as she learns more about how selfless and involved in other’s lives Elena was. The getting to know people scenes mostly come off as uncomfortable as Megan struggles to connect and the other character question her sudden interest in them.

I have continued to like how the murders are acted out as Megan and team discover what happened. Also the show does a good job of having the killer be an unaccepted suspect or someone who was never even considered a suspect. Another thing I liked about the episode was the music, which was a little goofy and did not always seem to fit but the show made it work. I only found one Bones similarity in this episode, Peter(Nicholas Bishop) is a foster care kid just like Bones and Sweets. But that isn’t a major one maybe it is becoming its own show.

Watch “Helping Hands”


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