Bones: “The Feet on the Beach”

 Grade: B+

Airdate: 4/7/11

Since during the last episode of Bones, Booth (David Boreanaz) and Brennan (Emily Deschanel) had a long conversation about their relationship and agreed that it would happen someday, I thought there would be something in this episode about it. But in a normal Bones fashion we were left with looks and the way something was said. Yes it is frustrating, but that is also why Bones is my favorite show.

In this episode Booth and the squints have to solve the murder of a drug-dealing grad student Dylan. But in a purely Bones-like twist all they have is his feet, which leads them to working with Dr. Douglas Filmore,  a forensic podiatrist, played by Scott Lowell. Brennan and Filmore are at odds from the start since she previously wrote an article tearing him and forensic podiatrist apart, which cause his arm to become paralyzed from the stress. 

Booth and Sweets (John Francis Daley) spend a good amount of time trying to get Bones to apologize to Filmore, who ends up being just as smart as she is and solving the murder. Sweets fails at get Bones to apologize for the article. But the only romantic-ish interaction between Booth and Bones, he tells her to so everyone else can see her like he does. She does, but I think it was only to please Booth. Hopefully their possible relationship will grow more and finally happen during the last six episodes of the season, but I’m probably just dreaming.

Watch “The Feet on the Beach”
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