Body of Proof: “Talking Heads”

 Grade: B

Airdate: 4/11/11

“Even when she’s not in charge, she’s in charge.” Body of Proof seems to be creating a trend of having one line in each episode that represents one of Dr. Megan Hunt’s (Dana Delany) major characteristics. Sadly these characteristics could easily be matched to Dr. Temperance ‘Bones’ Brennan from Body of Proof’s FOX counterpart Bones. But, I’ll get away from focusing on the Bones similarities because episode did a lot of things to distance itself from Bones.

The episode starts with Megan and the team finding a dismembered hand and foot, which sets up a difficult case. Megan has to work a lot with Detective Sam Baker (Sonja Sohn), who is working this case alone since Bud (John Carroll Lynch)  is out-of-town. I think this was only done to establish Sam more because she has been overshadowed by Bud, so good move Body of Proof. 

The rest of the victim’s body parts seemed to be found slowly through the episode, but finding the killer didn’t take that long. This seemed to happen so more time could be devoted to another attempt by Megan to created a better relationship with her daughter Lacey (Mary Matilyn Mouser). Lacey comes to the office to make a video of her mom’s work for school. Megan is reluctant to tell Lacey much about her work but then decides to tell her about the victim, as a way to teach her about the importance of life and death. 

Megan explains what she does is to find out the story of the victim and learn as much about them as she can. I really liked this aspect of the episode because is it different from other murder solving shows. Megan’s goal is to find out about the victims life and then caught their killer. This is also a difference from Bones, because Megan has the importance of life and death figured out unlike Bones who  had to learn it.

Except for a few long dialogue-less evidence finding scenes and some uncomfortable mother-daughter moments, I liked everything about this episode. The show is definitely getting better.

Watch “Talking Heads”


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