Body of Proof: “Dead Man Walking” and “Society Hill”

Note: Due to a rather busy week last week, I did not get a change to watch Body of Proof until later so this is a double review for the past two weeks.

“Dead Man Walking”

Grade: B

Airdate: 4/19/11

This was a pretty good episode. Megan Hunt (Dana Delany) and Peter (Nicholas Bishop) had to solve the murder of an accountant, who seemed to have no cause of death. Megan then realizes that the man had surgery earlier in the day and died from internal bleeding, which was caused by apparent doctorial error. Another added twist, Body of Proof is pretty good with twists, the ‘bad’ doctor is works at Northeast Central Hospital, which is the hospital Megan used to work at before a patient died on her table due to her hand injury from her car accident.

Megan is forced to confront her past and the old co-workers as she trys to solve the murder. The suspect for most of the episode is young and reckless Dr. Chandler, played by Marc Blucas. It turns out he was framed and the killer was actually Megan’s old boss, the head of Northeast Central, who tampered with the staple guns trying to kill a different person.

This episode also has a second storyline for Ethan (Geoffrey Arend). He is trying to find out what killed a seemingly healthy young woman, who, as Curtis (Windell Middlebrooks) points out, he is a little too interested in. While working on the case he meets her identical twin sister Karen, played by Christina Hendricks. A love-interest storyline was established there, but Ethan can’t date her for two months because he worked on her sister’s case. But, its seems like she will be back.

Overall pretty good episode. The characters are all getting well established and possible love-interests keep popping up. Also two Joss Whedon actors Marc Blucas, Riley from Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and Christina Hendricks, Saffron from Firefly, so I was happy.

Watch “Dead Man Walking

“Society Hill”

Grade: C

Airdate: 4/26/11

This episode wasn’t as good as last weeks. Sadly the Bones similarities are coming back; Megan and Peter went to a black tie event together and everyone keeps asking if they are dating. Also Megan’s mom is introduced in this episode. Mother-daughter moments between Megan and her mom are just as awkward as the mother-daughter moments between Megan and Lacey.

Aside from that, the murder storyline of this episode was pretty good. They pretty much killed Meryl Streep’s character from The Devil Wears Parda, a bossy and controlling magazine editor. Megan and Peter spend a lot of time confused by the case’s evidence, much to the annonyance of Bud (John Carroll Lynch), one part of the shows detective duo who never seem to be on the show at the same time. Sam (Sonja Sohn) was in the last two episodes and Bud was missing. This week Sam was missing. I thought they were trying to establish them as separate characters, but its a little bit of overkill now.

This episode was incredibly twisting. After having the editor’s assistant confess to poisoning her, Megan still doesn’t think that is the cause of death. Another person is arrested and then we get the real story. The show is getting, but it still seems to be struggling a bit.

Watch “Society Hill


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