Movie Monday: “Hanna”

 Grade: B+

Starring: Saoirse Ronan, Eric Bana, Cate Blanchett

I decided to see Hanna because I had read mixed reviews and wanted to see for myself. After seeing the movie, I understand the mixed feelings. I loved the movie but I am a fan of German action movies (I’ll explain that later). My mom, on the other had, didn’t like it and thought it was too violent, a little ridiculous and had too many running chase scenes.

 I called this movie a German action movie because that is exactly what it reminded me of. Everything from the excessive amounts of violence, the running chase scenes set to techno music, the dreary former East Germany backdrop and the happy yet sad ending it was a German action movie. The movie could easily by re-casted, filmed in German and marketed as a foreign film. But it wasn’t, which is why I think some people didn’t like it, it’s not an American action movie.

The movie follows Hanna (Saoirse Ronan) and Erik (Eric Bana), who at the beginning of the movie live are two Germans living in the forest in Finland for reasons unknown to the audience. The audience isn’t really told anything at this point. Hanna is obviously some type of 16-year-old assassin and she and her father seem to be hiding from something. Hanna convinces Erik that she is ready for something and then she flips a switch and we are thrown into Run Lola Run.

Throughout the movie we are slowly given to clues to what is going on as Hanna is trying to escape from and kill southern-accented CIA agent Marissa Wiegler (Cate Blanchett). Why they had an Australian playing a southern American and an American and an Australian playing two Germans, I have no idea. In between the action heavy fight and chase scenes, we see that Hanna is a strange combination of assassin and child. She kills four CIA agents in one scene but is amazed by electricity and television in another.

Erik and Hanna are separated for most of the movie, planning to meet in Berlin after Hanna kills Marissa. Both of them have brushes and near death experiences with Marissa and her sidekicks, a weird German nightclub owner and two skinheads from the 1980s. Hanna spends a lot of the movie with a vacationing British family. lead by hippy mom Rachel (Olivia Williams) and bi-curious teenager Sophie (Jessica Barden), who help her to realize something it wrong with her. Saoirse Ronan did a very good job of playing Hanna as a scary yet vulnerable character.

Very German, kind of weird. I liked it but I think it is more of a hit or miss type movie.

“Hanna” Trailer

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