NCIS: Los Angeles: “Plan B”

 Grade: A

Airdate: 5/3/11

It seems like NCIS: Los Angeles has divided this season into halves. The first half focused mostly on Callen (Chris O’Donnell) and Sam (LL Cool J), since all of the episode were they had emotional scenes or were the main character of the episode was earlier in season. The second half is doing the same but with Kensi (Daniela Ruah) and Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen). This is a very simple way to divide the season, but I like it. The show made us wait for anything related to Kensi, Deeks or Kensi and Deeks’ relationship. But, I am fully enjoying it now that its here.

In this episode Deeks had to assume an old alias to help protect his childhood friend Ray, played by Channon Roe, who is an arms dealer and LAPD informant. Ray testified against another arms dealer and sent him to jail for 20 years. Through a kind of confusing chain of events this led to a gang trying to kill Ray. We find out a lot about Deeks’ past from Ray, like that he killed his alcoholic father in self-defense when he was 11. Dang, NCIS:LA way to hide stuff from us.

We also find out that Deeks cover, Max Gentry, had a thing with Ray’s ex-wife. Deeks uses this to get information about Ray’s location and receives jealous looks from Kensi. The show is definitely setting up something between the two of them. There was a lot of the normal stuff in this episode, like a foot chase through a crowded market, faking someones death, a gun fight in the middle of the street and a fake explosion. Everything, except the foot chase added to the twists and excitement of the episode. So, overall very good episode.

Watch “Plan B


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