Body of Proof: “All in the Family”

 Grade: B-

Airdate: 5/3/11

This week’s Body of Proof was all about families. Megan (Dana Delany) and the team were trying to solve the murder of an upper middle-class stay-at-home dad.  Family aspect: the wife and teenage son are both suspects for a while. The killer ends up being the son’s biological father, who the mom left when he was a baby. Real dad gets jealous of other dad and stabs him to death.

Family stuff continued through the episode. Megan’s daughter Lacey, played by Mary Mouser, makes a slightly less awkward than normal appearance when Megan and Peter (Nicholas Bishop) pick her and her friends up from school. So, they kind of seemed like a couple there. Speaking of couples, Megan’s ex-husband and her boss, Kate (Jeri Ryan), have a few scenes together because she is doing consulting work for him. They flirt a bit and seems to be something going on. They end up helping a teenager get away from his abusive uncle. Like I said, families.

Most of this episode was all right, but there was some awkward scenes, slow evidence finding scenes and a fair amount of bad acting.

Watch “All in the Family


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