How I Met Your Mother: “Landmarks”

 Grade: D

Airdate: 5/9/11

After watching last week’s horribly bleak How I Met Your Mother, I almost didn’t want to watch this weeks episode. I tried to view this episode optimistically and not go in with a sour attitude. It was better, but not by much. Ted’s (Josh Radnor) dream when we didn’t know if it was Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) dressed in a goofy costume or not was kinda funny.

The only other good thing was that the Arcadian storyline finally died and Zoey (Jennifer Morrison) is gone, yay! I’ve said before that I am not sure if Zoey is supposed to always be sounding sarcastic or not. So, I can’t really take any of her lines seriously. I thought in this episode that it could be said when Ted breaks her heart and destroys the Arcadian, but then Zoey plays a secret recording she made of Ted defending the Arcadian and causes him, and Barney, to loss their jobs at GNB. I’m just glad Zoey is gone, the character never seemed to work.

Since I was trying to watch this episode with an open mind, I started to notice things. Parts of the writing have obviously gone down hill, long sequences of not funny jokes makes that easy to spot. But, the characters don’t even seem to be reacting to things like they used to. For example, the group minus Barney is talking about how much he loves his job at GNB. The joke here being that the audience has never known what Barney does for a living and he refuses to tell the group. Lily (Alyson Hanningon) states ‘We don’t even know what Barney does for GNB’. The joke isn’t funny when you state it. The joke was funny when the group had to question if they even knew what Barney did.

Maybe that is being too knit-picky, but I have been watching this show for a long time and I notice stuff like that. Anyway, the season finale is next week. Something good? Probably not.

Watch “Landmarks


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