Body of Proof: “Buried Secrets”

 Grade: B

Airdate: 5/10/11

This was a pretty good Body of Proof episode. The show has gotten a lot better since it started. For instance, this episode only had one awkward mother-daughter moment, between Megan (Dana Delany) and her mom. But they had not awkward scenes too, I was a little amazed.

This week Megan and the team were called to the crime scene of what appears to be a hit-and-run. The victim ends up being Sam’s (Sonja Sohn) friend Joe, who is a Philly police officer. Body of Proof is keeping up its normal number of twists. Megan discovers that the murder wasn’t a hit-and-run, but he was thrown off an overpass, which is true but he was poisoned before that. This ends up being a pretty emotional episode for Sam and Peter (Nicholas Bishop) a little because he also knew Joe.

Megan finds out that Joe was obsessed with trying to solve the murder of college student Lizze, who was killed a year earlier. The team finds out that the murders are connected. After making us think the killer is a professor Lizzie was sleeping with or a drug dealer it ends up being one of Lizzie’s lacrosse teammates and the coach.  

Megan’s mom makes a bigger appearance in this episode and has a reason to be around this time. She’s the judge that Megan goes to get Lizzie’s body exhumed. We find out more about Megan’s dad in this episode too. Apparently he wasn’t murdered but committed suicide. Megan doesn’t believe that and wants to exhume his body to see what she can find. Her mom denied the request. I like that we are slowly getting bits and pieces of this because it seems like a good storyline. 

So, overall good episode. The awkwardness is slowly going away, along with the Bones similarities.

Watch “Buried Secrets


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