Bones: “The Hole in the Heart”

 Grade: A+

Airdate: 5/12/11

The episode of Bones had gotten a lot of hype. I’m happy to say it lived up to the hype. Earlier in this week I heard that three things were going to happen on Bones this week: a death, the return of sniper Jacob Broadsky and something big between Booth (David Boreanaz) and Bones (Emily Deschanel). Well, all three of those things happened.

The episode opens with Broadsky. played by Arnold Vosloo, and another army sniper, Matt, shooting apples in a field. Broadsky tells Matt that the FBI is after him and he needs to borrow his rifle. I assume Matt refused because he ends up dead and is found by Booth and Sweets (John Francis Daley) a few scenes later. Everyone is nervous because Booth got a call from Broadsky, who told him he is going to kill him. Booth and the FBI try to find Broadsky as Bones and the squints try to solve Matt’s murder. Booth and Bones spent a lot of time apart early in this episode.

About half way through the episode there is a very scary montage where we see Broadsky take position with his rifle and the camera shows each character seperately for a few seconds . It was just long enough and just creepy enough with the music to give you no clue who is going to die. After showing Angela (Michaela Conlin) for what seemed like longer than all the others, the scene switches to Booth, Bones and Vincent Nigel-Murray (Ryan Cartwright) in the lab. Booth gets a call from Broadsky and tells Vincent to answer it so he can trace it. As soon as Vincent does, Broadsky fires thinking it was Booth who answered the phone.

In the wake of Vincent’s death, Booth tells everyone to put the case off for a day and they will ‘caught this bastard’ tomorrow. Booth tells Bones that she is spending that night at his apartment. During that night, Bones goes into Booth’s room crying about Vincent’s death and confused by his last word ‘please don’t make me leave’. Booth explains and comforts her. The scene cuts as they are in laying on the bed together.

The episode does a good why of telling us how we are supposed to react to these events using Angela’s reaction. Angela is obvious still sad about Vincent’s death but incredibly excited about something we have been waiting six years for. Angela asks Bones what they did after she came into Booth’s bed late at night. Bones smiles but Hodgins comes into the room. Angela yells at him to leave and the audience is taken with him.

So, what happened between Booth and Bones? We don’t know. Using the normal Bones fashion, there are significant looks between Angela and Bones for the rest of the episode. While Vincent’s coffin is being taken away Bones walks up to Booth and they link arms, which is something they do normal but Angela is looking at them and smiling. This is why I love Bones, because I could write a whole other post about the meaningful looks between characters. All I have to say is, I’m excited for next week and rest in peace Mr. Vincent Nigel-Murray.

Watch “The Hole in the Heart


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