How I Met Your Mother: “Challenge Accepted”

 Grade: First 17 minutes: D  Last 3 minutes: B

Airdate: 5/16/11

How Ted got with Robin and how Marshall and Lily broke up. Marshall and Lily’s wedding and how Ted and Robin broke up. These are the stories that the season finales of How I Met Your Mother season one and two told. The stories took the entire episode and the big reveal happened during the last minutes. I decided to start with this because it is what I wished happened in this week’s episode, but it didn’t.

The season finale of season six revealed to us that Lily (Alyson Hannigan) is pregnant and the big wedding they have been hitting at is Barney’s (Neil Patrick Harris). This was all pretty good, Marshall (Jason Segel) and Lily are finally having kids that’s good and HIMYM did a old school trick of showing us something big (Barney’s wedding) but hiding something from us (Is the bride Nora or is it Robin?). But, all this stuff happened in the last three minutes so I gave it a B.

The rest of the episode would have gotten an F if it hadn’t been for a guest appearance by Ranjit (Marshall Manesh). While the episode ended beautifully the first 17 minutes were a vomit joke, with a failed attempt to make us consider Zoey (Jennifer Morrison) and Ted (Josh Radnor) getting back together. They didn’t, thank God.  

We still don’t know when the wedding is going to take place. The episode said “a little ways down the road”, but it has to be at least two years because Ted meets the mother at the wedding. Hopefully, HIMYM uses the break to expand the last three minutes of this episode into the next season and make it better than this season.

Sidenote: Why is the Royal Diner from Bones in the bottom of the Arcadian building?

Watch “Challenge Accepted


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