NCIS: “Pyramid”

 Grade: A

Airdate: 5/17/11

NCIS created a lot of story lines in the past few episodes and did a good job of wrapping all of them up in the season finale. The wrapping up was done in the midst of four characters being kidnapped by the Port-to-Port killer, love hints being dropped everywhere and an agent’s death.

This episode picked up right where last weeks ended, when P2P was about to shot E.J. (Sarah Jane Morris). He didn’t, but kidnapped her and locked her in the trunk of a car, which he starched a phone number into. The number ended up being CIA agent/Ziva’s (Cote de Pablo) sort of ex-boyfriend Ray’s (Enrique Murciano). Ziva goes alone to Ray’s hotel room to warn him. As this is happening we find out that Agent Levin, from E.J.’s team was killed by the P2P and Agent Simon Cade (Matthew Wiig) was injured. Abby (Pauley Perrette) spent the night at the hospital with Simon and gets a jealous reaction from McGee (Sean Murray), but he makes it up with a cute worrying reaction.

Somewhere in here the team finds out that Ziva was kidnapped by P2P. Tony(Michael Weatherly) is obvious worried about Ziva and E.J. tries to make him feel better. This is a mirror image of earlier in the episode when Ziva was doing the same for Tony when he was just as worried about E.J. being kidnapped. Which one does he love more? We don’t know.

Ziva’s kidnapping ends up being a distraction and P2P/Jonas Cobb surrenders when the team gets to ‘Ray’s hotel room’. Cobb escapes  at NCIS and kidnaps (I think he’s a fan of kidnapping) CIA Agent Trent Kort, Jimmy( Brian Dietzen) and E.J., who was his target all along because he is trying to send a message to the Secretary of the Navy E.J.’s uncle. Gibbs (Mark Harmon), Vance (Rocky Carroll) and the Secretary find Cobb, kill him and rescue everyone.

E.J. and Cade both decided to leave at the end of the episode. Tony and E.J. have a relatively heart-felt good-bye. McGee seems kind of happy that Cade is leaving. Cade knows and kind of calls him out on it, which is funny. Ziva and Ray also say good-bye because he has to go oversees, but promises he will be back. He leaves pretty quick after he gets a text that says something about Tel Aviv. So, setting up next season? In the last scene Tony is called into Vance’s office. The new Secretary (E.J.’s uncle resigned) tell Tony there is a mole inside NCIS and it is his job to stop it. Vance disagrees with this decision, almost too much. Tony looks at the file and has a ‘the suspected mole is definitely someone we know’ face. So, next season’s twist?  Overall good finale, NCIS.

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