Body of Proof: “Broken Home”

 Grade: B

Airdate: 5/17/11

This week’s Body of Proof improved on some of its seasonal problems and had a pretty good story line. The episode starts with Megan (Dana Delany), her ex-husband Todd and their 12-year-old daughter Lacey (Mary Mouser) at the principal’s office of Lacey’s school. At first I thought this is going to be awkward, like every other scene that has Megan and her family, but this one wasn’t. Actually, all the family scenes were pretty good in this episode.

Lacey got in trouble for looking at pictures of Nikki Parkson, a young philanthropist from a Hilton like family, who apparently died of sickness. Megan sees the photo and finds out that she was murdered. So Megan and Peter (Nicholas Bishop) go to Nikki’s funeral to stop it, of course Megan is insensitive and we are given a twist. The brother tells Megan that the sickness was a cover up for a suicide. It turns out the suicide was actually a cover-up for a murder done by the black-sheep sister and her boyfriend as a way to get Nikki’s inheritance money. So, murder storyline was pretty good and followed the normal Body of Proof twisty fashion.

The other storyline was a group of surprisingly not awkward moments between Megan and Lacey, actually it was a little sad. Megan is trying to punish Lacey for having her cell phone at school, but that’s ended when Lacey tells her that she knows she and Todd are getting back together. Lacey’s main piece of evidence is because calls from Megan’s office keep coming to the house. This was all sadly cute because Todd is getting back together with Megan, he is sleeping with her boss Kate (Jeri Ryan). Megan and Todd have a few angry yelling scenes and Megan ignores Kate for most of the episode. This is half resolved when Kate, Todd and Megan decided they are “all adults here”.

This storyline may have killed the awkwardness between Megan and Lacey, because they have a very cute scene at the end when Lacey says she will hate Kate if Megan wants her to. Megan takes the high road and tells her to be nice to her because she isn’t to blame. The show is slowly getting better, which is good because almost every other good show had their finale this week.

Watch “Broken Home


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