Bones: “The Change in the Game”

 Grade: A+

Airdate: 5/19/11

After ending on a rather sad note in last week’s episode (Vincent’s death), the Bones season finale ended very differently. This episode had almost every positive thing an episode could have; Booth (David Boreanez) and Bones (Emily Deschanel) going undercover, another big family milestone happens for Angela (Michaela Conlin) and Hodgins (TJ Thyne) that Wendell (Michael Grant Terry) always seems to be a part of, interesting murder, funny guest appearances and a happy ending moment between Booth and Bones.

This week the team is called to investigate a murder at a bowling alley. The victim, Jeff, was on Bones’ dad Max’s, played by Ryan O’Neal, bowling team. This prompts Booth and Bones to go undercover as Buck and Wanda, so Booth can join the team in the tournament and get people to talk. I love that Booth and Bones always go undercover as a slightly over the top white trash couple. But, this time was a little different. Max keeps noticing that they are being more polite to each other than usual and Bones insists that they be engaged, instead of dating like all the other times. We think, at this point, that this is all hinting back to the big thing that happened between the two of them last episode that we weren’t told about.

About half way through the episode, Angela goes into labor, which creates more funny Hodgins freaking out scenes. The team is apart for most of the episode. Wendall and Cam (Tamara Taylor) are calling Booth and Bones and skyping Angela and Hodgins in hospital giving them all updates and trying to solve the murder. At the bowling alley a member of Max’s team 12-year-old Amber is consistently yelling at everyone and being rather annoying. Bones makes multiple comments about how she and Buck would never have a child like that. The lines don’t  seem too out-of-place because Angela is having a baby.

Shortly after solving the murder (it was the rental shoe guy) the team goes to the hospital and Angela has her baby. After making us nervously wait with Angela and Hodgins for about 30 seconds we find out their son, Michael Stacco Vincent Hodgins, isn’t blind. The final scene of starts with Booth and Bones walking down the street. Bones is saying that having a baby would totally change everything and thinks Angela and Hodgins would be more adverse to it. Booth then explains that having a baby is happy day of anyone’s life. Bones looks worried about something. After telling her that there is nothing to worry about because the baby is healthy Booth asks her what is wrong. She answers by telling him she is pregnant and he is the father. She stares at him nervously until he smiles and the season ends.

I, as I’m sure any Bones fan, was incredibly excited by this. Will this be what they need to both be ready to date each other? I’m excited to see whatever happens and am just glad that this year’s season finale ended better than last’s. The premiere should be pretty good too because Emily Deschanel will be about six months pregnant and hopefully another Hannah doesn’t come in to mess everything up.

Watch “The Change in the Game


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