Fall Schedule

I decided to take a break from this blog for the summer months. Mainly it was because my summer job owns my soul and I had no time whatsoever to watch T.V. However, it was also because summer shows are never very good. Sure, you get some good shows on cable channels but must of the great shows are on during fall. With that said, here is my fall blogging schedule and a recap of the season finales.

 How I Met Your Mother

Premiere date: Monday, Sept. 19

I am going to try very hard to start this season (the seventh) of HIMYM with a positive attitude. The last season ended with 3/4 an episode worth of bad, not funny crap and 1/4 classic HIMYM story telling. We found out that the wedding where Ted meets the mother is actually Barney’s wedding. He is either marrying Nora or Robin, but we don’t know which. And also that Marshall and Lily are finally going to have a baby.

The new season is going to start with Ted’s friend Punchy’s wedding in Cleveland, Ohio and apparently Robin’s old crush, who was introduced briefly in “Hopeless”, is going to be back. Being from Ohio, I’m a little interested by how they are going to portray Ohio.  

 Body of Proof

Premiere date: Tuesday, Sept. 20

Body of Proof ended rather abruptly last season, so much so that I didn’t even realize “Broken Home” was the finale. I’ve heard that there are six or seven more episode that are supposed to be in season one. It’s unclear if any of them will actually air. During the finale Megan found out that her ex-husband, Todd, is sleeping with her boss, Kate. That obviously caused a lot of tension, which was only half resolved. The show got increasing better as the season went on and I have high hopes for season two.


Premiere date: Tuesday, Sept. 20

NCIS ended its season with an action packed episode with the normal amount of humor and romance thrown in. The finale also did a very good job of setting up the next season. There were a lot of little love hints in the finale, which could be setting up something between McGee and Abby and/or Tony and Ziva. Abby, Tony and Ziva’s love interests, so to speak, all left at the end of last season.CIA Agent Ray, Ziva’s kind of ex-boyfriend, left when he got a text message saying something about Tel Aviv. So, he may be back.

Also Tony was brought into Vance’s office and told by him and the Secretary of the Navy that there is a mole inside NCIS.  Tony’s reaction when he looked at the file made it seem like the mole is someone important. Probably going to be another good season, so I’m excited.


Premiere date: Thursday, Nov. 3

So, Bones does not premiere until Nov. 3. What? Nov. 3? For an unknown reason Bones will not be starting until late fall. Sure, I’m a little mad about this, but I also respect it. The last season of Bones ended with a major development. Bones is pregnant and Booth is the father. This could possibly change the enter dynamic of the show, so making fans wait an extra six weeks will make this premiere even more anticipated than it already is.

Of course, FOX is still playing with fans by re-playing episodes from last season and releasing promos for the upcoming season. Even though the latest promo is not even a minute long, it is making me very excited for the next season.


 The Secret Circle

Premiere date: Thursday, Sept. 15

The Secret Circle is a new show that is premiere tonight on the CW.  The show follows a high-school student named Cassie, who moves to her mother’s home town after she is killed. In the town Cassie meets five other kids who are part of a secret circle of witches. Cassie finds out she is one of them and that her mom never really told her anything.

I decided to add this show to the schedule for two reasons. Number one: It’s a sci-fi show. I like sci-fi shows, they are usually pretty good but don’t tend to make it past their second season. Examples being Firefly, Dollhouse, V, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, The Cape and the list probably goes on, but those are just the shows I watched. The Secret Circle might have a better chance of sticking around because it is on a cable station. All the others were on major networks (FOX and ABC).

The second reason is that Thomas Dekker (John Connor from Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles) is one of the main characters. Terminator was one of my favorite shows until it was cancelled after its second season. Seeing Thomas Dekker in the preview was actually what caught my attention. I guess I am adding this show for a lot of personal interest, but it will also be interesting to see how it does.

Extended Preview


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