The Secret Circle: “Pilot”

 Grade: C+

Airdate: 9/15/11

After watching a few previews for The Secret Circle it sort of seemed like it was going to be another mediocre high-school drama and I’m not really convinced that it isn’t going to be. The pilot with a generic pilot start. We are briefly introduced to 16-year-old Cassie Blake, played by Britt Robertson, and her mom. About a minute later a creepy guy, played by Gale Harold, walks up to Cassie’s house and makes the house explode with a box of matches. The story then jumps a month into the future.

We rejoin Cassie as she moves in with grandmother in the small northwestern town of Chance Harbour. The show has the normal high-school drama type opening. Cassie goes to school and is quickly introduced to six people who are going to be the main characters. First is obvious love interest Adam, played by Thomas Dekker. Then bad girl Faye, played by Phoebe Tonkin, bad girl’s side-kick Melissa, played by Jessica Parker Kennedy, and good girl Diana, played by Shelley Hennig. We also meet Nick, played by Louis Hunter, somewhere in there.

By the end of her first day in Chance Harbour, Cassie notices that something is a little off because people have the ability to open blinds, undo lockers and set/put out fires. Cassie starts asking questions and Diana decides to take her to the secret witch circle that they are all apart of. Cassie is refuses to believe them until she has a magic making/almost kissing scene with Adam.

By the end of the episode she still seems a little apprehensive about joining the circle. Because this was the pilot there were a lot of details and storylines thrown in. Most important ones; it is written in the stars that Cassie and Adam are supposed to be together, but Adam has been dating Diana for three years; Diana’s dad is the creepy guy that killed Cassie’s mom; creep guy and the high-school principal, Faye’s mom, brought Cassie to Chance Harbour for a reason.

These plot points kind of made the show interesting and that is why a gave it a C+, but of course it was not all good. The acting seemed forced by almost every character and a little over the top by some. The music was all bad teen drama music. Also a problem I have with all high-school drama is that not one of the actors is young enough to be in high school. The person who plays Cassie is 21, Adam is 23, Faye is 22 and Diana is 24. So, if the acting improves I think it might become an all right show because old actors are to be expected.


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