How I Met Your Mother: “The Best Man” and “The Naked Truth”

 Grade: B

Airdate: 9/19/11

As I have made it rather clear, I have been in a love/hate, but mostly hate, relationship with How I Met Your Mother since the end of season four. HIMYM doesn’t do two-part episode very often, but when it does they are usually pretty good. This episode was not an exception, so I gave this episode a B, the highest grade I have ever given HIMYM.

Part one was “The Best Man”. The episode started where last season ended, in the dressing room at Barney’s wedding. Barney(Neil Patrick Harris) is freaking out that his wedding is going to be the worst wedding ever. Older Ted(Bob Saget) proceeds to tell us the story of Punchy’s wedding because it was the worst one ever. Punchy’s wedding brings the gang to Cleveland for a Browns themed wedding. That, the many Cleveland jokes and the Lebron James cracks made that aspect of the episode pretty fun. I don’t know if every viewer will think so. I go to school with a lot of people from Cleveland and Browns and Cavs fans annoy me.

Marshall (Jason Segel) and Lily (Alyson Hanningan) decided they weren’t going to tell anyone about the baby until three months, which leads to some problems when Robin (Cobie Smulders) wants to get wasted with Lily. Robin’s reasoning for this is because she still has feeling for Barney, who is waiting for a call from Nora (Nazanin Bodiadi) and is testing out new pick-ups on every girl at the wedding. Then there is very long dance number between Barney and Robin. That brought down the episode’s grade a bit. The dance did end with an almost kiss between Robin and Barney, but it is interrupted by a call from Nora.

Barney asks Robin to help him with the call. She tells him to say everything she wanted to say to him. Sadly this isn’t something new for Robin because she did the same thing with Ted (Josh Radnor) and Victoria in season one. Speaking of things from earlier seasons, Robin then goes out to the balcony to talk to Ted. The balcony is the same one from Marshall and Lily’s wedding, where Ted and Robin official ended their relationship at the end of season two. Ted says he’s given up at destiny and reminds Robin of their agreement that if they are both still single at 40 they will get married. Marshall and Lily eventually come out with Barney and tell everyone about the baby.

The episode ends back at Barney’s wedding.  Lily walks into the dressing room and tells Ted that the bride wants to see him. So the bribe is Robin?

Part two is “The Naked Truth”. Because Ted has given up on destiny this episode starts with him trying to choose between two girls he went on a date with. He keeps asking Robin for advice. Robin isn’t having a good start to this season. Also, at the start of every season, one of the actors gets a bad haircut and it seems to be Cobie Smulders this time around. Ted’s storyline takes a back burner for most of the episode and major stuff happens with Barney.

He meets Nora for a date, but she says she can’t date a guy who lies to her. She asks him to tell her the truth. Barney tells her every lie he as ever told a woman to sleep with him. They both spend the entire night in some diner. This was not as funny as it could have been, but we do find out that Nora likes Barney. He then says that he will not leave the diner until he gets a second date with Nora. She ends up coming back, so the bride is Nora?

The gang later runs into Barney at the diner and he tells them what he is doing. Ted says that’s what he wants, to be a head-over-heels idiot for someone. He then decides to take Robin to an architect ball that he was going to take one of the dates to. Robin leaves Ted alone and Older Ted is saying something about destiny when his eyes stop on someone across the room. I almost jumped with excitement at this point, because it was Victoria, played by Ashley Williams. I knew who it was from just seeing her, but because this show has a lot of fans who didn’t watch season one they had to tell us who this was. They do this by having her set up cupcakes, flashbacks and a song that is just saying “Victoria” over and over. A little overkill I think.

I have to give HIMYM some praise for this episode. It brough back a lot of stuff from earlier seasons; Victoria, Carl, Ted’s kids and sets and scenes from seasons one and two. The episode did much better on the love storyline side than it has been recently. Hopefully this season will start being a cute and comedic love story again and stop being a brainless sitcom.

Watch “The Best Man”

Watch “The Naked Truth”


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