Body of Proof: “Love Thy Neighbor”

  Grade: B

Airdate: 9/20/11

This season of Body of Proof started just as the other one ended; a little awkward, full of twists and progressively getting better. Of course, that might be because this episode and the next four were all supposed to be part of season one. Season one ended rather abruptly but this episode made a pretty good season premiere.

In the opening scene Dr. Megan Hunt (Dana Delaney) is walking up to her ex-husband Todd’s (Jeffery Nordling) house to take their daughter Lacey (Mary Mouser) to school. They are having the normal awkward broken family moment when Kate (Jeri Ryan), Megan’s boss/Todd’s girlfriend, walks out of the house. We found out in the last episode of season one that Todd and Kate are sleeping together. The situation is made even more awkward and Lacey tells Megan that Kate has been spending a lot of time at the house. She adds a comment that the house has “thin walls” so she had trouble studying. Lacey was talking about the T.V. downstairs but Megan that she meant sex and that starts the sex theme for this episode.

Megan and her partner Peter (Nicholas Bishop) are called to the scene of a murder that was staged to be a car accident. The two of them with the help of deceives Bud (John Carroll Lynch) and Sam (Sonja Sohn) identify the guy as Daniel Davidson, who lived in a wealthy suburban about two minutes away. One thing I have noticed a lot of the victims on this show are upscale rich people. Anyway, the team goes to the suburban to tell the guy’s wife and quickly the whole neighbor becomes suspects. Usually crime shows that set in suburban are the same because the neighbors are always in some kind of competition and someone is sleeping with someone’s husband.

The neighborhood in this episode took the latter part to the extreme. All the neighbors are in an agreement that their spouse can sleep with as many other people on the street as they want to. That aspect brings up the sex life of all the other characters. Everyone knows that Megan is mad at Kate for sleeping with Todd. A few people think she is jealous. Peter becomes a player in this episode and gets the number of a few women in the neighbor.

The victims wife is a suspect for a while because she and another neighbor Kevin were in love, according to Kevin. This is where the twists, such as HIV, a hitman, an investment scam and poison, come in. In the end, Kevin was the one who killed David, but it was because he discovered the meth lab Kevin had in his back yard. Kevin gives a tearful confession to the team saying that selling meth was the only thing he had after he lost his family and his job. One thing I was disappointed about was that the murder wasn’t being show in a flashback while the person was confessing. I liked that and Body of Proof was one of the only shows that did it.

Tensions are still high between Megan and Kate. They had a few fights that were more about Lacey than Todd. The episode ends with a Desperate Housewives joke and a cute moment between Megan and Lacey. It felt like there could have been a passage of time between this episode and the last. And this one was better than the last so, hopefully the show just keeps getting better.

Watch “Love Thy Neighbor”


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