The Secret Circle: “Bound”

 Grade: C

Airdate: 9/22/11

I decided to give The Secret Circle a C again this week, because it was similar to last week’s episode. The plot was good but the acting and music was terrible. The plot was a little repetitive. The main character Cassie (Britt Robinson), who found out she was part of a secret circle of witches, was still reluctant to join the circle or acknowledge her powers.

In one of the opening scenes, Adam (Thomas Dekker) explains to Cassie that they must bind the circle to reach their fully potential. The power of the circle will be strengthened but individual power will be hindered. This pisses off power-hungry bad girl Faye (Phoebe Tonkin). A couple magic girl fights, with exploding beckers and more freak thunderstorms, break out between Cassie and Faye. Good girl Diana (Shelley Hennig) is trying to convince Cassie and Faye to agree to binding the circle. Diana knows everything about the binding ceremony because she is the only one who has found her family’s secret book. But, as we know, Cassie has also found her family’s book.

There are two other story lines going on during this episode. The first is with the two other members of the circle, Melissa (Jessica Parker Kennedy) and Nick (Louis Hunter), who hardly seem to interact with the other four. Character development is lacking with both of these guys, but Nick’s is just confusing. He was portrayed as the sweet, quiet guy last week. In this episode he is kind of a man whore, who is sleeping with Melissa while trying to get with Faye and a few other girls. Melissa, who might have had one line in this episode, seems to be in love with him.

Story line number two is with the adults; Charles (Gale Harold), Diana’s dad, and Dawn (Natasha Henstridge), Faye’s mom. We found out that they brought Cassie to the town, so they could use the circle’s power to enhance their own.

Tensions build between Cassie and Faye throughout the episode. Faye is telling Diana that Cassie is trying to get with Adam, causing even more problems within the circle. Faye eventually explodes during a fight with Cassie and pushes a bystander off the dock at a party. The girl almost dies but is saved by Dawn, using magical power from a crystal. The incident serves as a wake up call for Cassie and Faye that they need a way to control their power. In the end all six members of the circle gather on the beach and bind the circle.

The overall plot is pretty interesting but the acting seems to discredit everything. This might be because the show is based off a book series by the same name. So, good story, bad casting. I hope it gets better because I do kind of like it.

Watch “Bound”


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