How I Met Your Mother: “Ducky Tie”

 Grade: C+

Airdate: 9/22/11

In my excitement about Victoria(Ashley Williams)’s return to How I Met Your Mother, I forgot two things: how Victoria and Ted (Josh Radnor)’s relationship ended and that this is season seven. HIMYM is aware that a large portion of their audience did not watch the show during season one, so the episode starts out with a recap of who Victoria is. The episode disguises it as a guessing game. But it hits all the major points and refreshes the viewers who have been with the show since the beginning. Ted and Victoria dated six years ago. She moved to Germany. They tried long distance. Ted cheated on her with Robin (Cobie Smulders). They broke up.

HIMYM has done other episode in the past where there are two story lines, one in the present and one that someone is telling us in a series of flashbacks. Ted is telling us the story about what happened after he ran into Victoria at the architects’ ball. If this had been the entire episode, I would have given it an A. But, as I said, I forgot this was season seven and the present story line was nothing but a boob joke. The joke contributed few funny things to the plot. I’m only mentioning it because it lead to a bet that ended in Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) having to wear a ducky tie for a year. I’m a little interested to see if the show is going to keep with that.

Anyway back to Ted and Victoria. Their interaction begins with Ted apologizing for cheating on her. Victoria tells him not to worry about it. They talk for a little bit and Ted said he needs to make up for what he did to her. Both of them leave the ball and go to Victoria’s studio because Ted said he is going to wash her dishes to clear his guilt. They have a good conversation and everything seemed to be like it was six years ago. Just when we and Ted thinks something is going to happen between them Victoria says she’s about to get engaged.

After this heart sickening moment, the two of them talk more and we find out that Victoria almost cheated on Ted while she was in Germany. Both of them feel guilty for a moment, but then they start remembering all the good times they had together. All this leads to a kiss, which made me very excited. Victoria says that it was stupid of her to let Ted come over and he says it was stupid of him to come. They both decided that the best thing for them to do is leave.

Ted takes Victoria to the bus stop to say good-bye, just like he did in the airport in season one. He asks her what she thinks would have happened if she didn’t go to Germany or if he went with her. Victoria said it wouldn’t have made a difference, because Ted’s relationship with her and all his other girlfriends in the past six years ended for one reason; Robin. Victoria says Robin, Ted and Barney hanging out together is never going to work out because they all dated. Older Ted (Bob Saget) ends the episode by saying Victoria was right, but they just hadn’t realized it yet. So, Barney marries Robin?

I was really excited for this episode, but when it ended I was disappointed. Half the episode was wasted with seventh season unfunny crap. Also, Victoria was brought back after six season for only one episode. I wish they would have kept her around because I really like her. But another season one character, the Slutty Pumpkin, will make an appearance in this season and will be played by Katie Holmes.

Watch “Ducky Tie”


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