NCIS: “Restless” and “The Penelope Papers”

 Grade: “Restless”: B+, “The Penelope Papers”: A-


Airdate: 9/27/11

This was an average episode of NCIS. The episode started with a marine arriving at his homecoming party with a stab wound in his chest. He then dies in front of his whole family. So, jam-packed opening scene. Meanwhile, at NCIS, Tony (Michael Weatherly) is still recovering from his concussion last episode. Mostly, he is just not remembering things and McGee (Sean Murray) and Ziva (Cote de Pablo) making fun are him.

The team is called to the crime scene and find out that the victim is an incredibly well-liked marine named Tommy. He was going to be the honored guest in the town’s high-school homecoming parade. That creates a high-school theme for the episode. We get stories about everyone in high-school, mostly related to their homecoming dances.

Gibbs (Mark Harmon) and the team start to find evidence, like money buried in the woods and goofy bank statements, that seem to prove that Tommy wasn’t such a spectacular guy. With a bunch of different suspects, instance Gibbs’ interrogation and Abby (Pauley Perrette) evidence finding magic we find out the killer is Tommy’s foster sister’s uncle. There are far too many twists and plotlines to recap everything in this episode. But the main theme was growing up and trying to over come hardships in your childhood. Good episode, good message. B+

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The Penelope Papers

Airdate: 10/4/11

This episode starts with a guy having a worried phone conversion in a park. He hangs up the phone and about three seconds later he is shot in the head. The team arrives and quickly identifies him at Capt. Paul Booth. Tony then find McGee’s business card from eight years ago in Booth’s wallet. The team finds out that the victim works for a secret research group that makes weapons and such for the military. Booth has been stealing files about something called “The Annex Principle” from the company, copying them and leaking them an editor at the D.C. Chronicle.

So basically this episode is a retelling of The Pentagon Papers. Booth was working this McGee’s grandma Penny, played by Lily Tomlin. She is a suspect for most of the episode, until she almost gets killed. Then team then assumes that the company is taking out everyone, but actually it is someone who worked on the Annex Principle during its first go-around in the 1970s. Penny was one of the six people who worked on it.

McGee has a lot of emotional stuff in this episode because of Penny’s presence. McGee feels like her disappointed his father and hasn’t spoken to him in seven years. Penny convinces him to call him and he eventually does at the end of the episode.

Most of the story is focused on McGee, so the other characters are pretty much left out. Apparently Jimmy (Brian Dietzen) is planning his wedding. I don’t know if this is new or if I just missed that, but cool. Very good episode overall; complex story line, lots of character development stuff on McGee’s part.

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