Body of Proof: “Hunting Party” and “Missing”

 Grade: “Hunting Party”: B, “Missing”: B+

Hunting Party

Airdate: 9/27/11

This episode of Body of Proof did some things differently. For the first time we saw the murder happen and we are given a pool of suspects. Multi-millionaire Martin Loeb is hunting with his wife, two teenage kids and business manager. They are all trying to shot a deer, but someone purposely shots the wife Julie. Apparently only rich people get killed in Philly.

The scene switches to Megan (Dana Delany) and her daughter Lacey (Mary Mouser) having coffee. Lacey said she wants to hang out with Megan more. Megan is happy about this because her boss Kate (Jeri Ryan) is dating her ex-husband Todd (Jeffrey Nordling). Megan and the team are called to the crime scene. Shortly after getting the body back to the lab, Megan discovers that Julie was pregnant. She ends up pissing off Martin Loeb somewhere in here and Kate takes her off the case. Of course, that doesn’t really work, because the rest of the team, including Peter (Nicholas Bishop), are still on the case.

Bud (John Carroll Lynch) and Sam (Sonja Sohn) interview the kids, the business manager and the ex-wife and start to think that Julie was killed so her child wouldn’t have been added to Martin’s will. Kate and the team find out that the baby isn’t Martin’s. Martin knew that because Julie was going to sperm banks trying to get pregnant. But she ended up sleeping with her gay friend, who was killed and his case was given to Megan halfway through the episode.

After sorting through a bunch of twists, the business manager, Alan, is arrested. Megan and Martin are watching as he confesses to Bud. When Alan walks into the station, Martin instantly shots him. Megan quickly try to do something, but it was too late. This little ordeal had a pretty good shock factor, but it was almost a little too out of the ordinary. We didn’t get the killer explaining the death flashback again. I think the show has stopped that but I liked it because it was something different.

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Airdate: 10/4/11

This episode opened with the murder again. A woman is running toward a man who is kidnapping a 5-year-old boy. She is then hit by his truck. Megan and Peter arrive on the scene and Bud fills them in a what happened. Sam wasn’t in this episode. Body of Proof seems to do this a lot of establish the other detective, which I don’t think is needed. Anyway, Megan and the team work as quickly as possible to try  to get evidence from the body, which is Helen, the boy’s nanny.

FBI agent Derek Ames is also assigned to the case because of the missing kid. He seems to hit it off with Megan pretty quickly. About halfway through the episode she is choosing Derek to go investigate stuff with her and leaves a slightly jealous Peter at the lab. While Megan is out investigating with Derek, Bud brings the main suspect, the nanny’s boyfriend, to the station. They are kind of fighting on the way in because the guy pulled a knife on Bud. Bud takes him into the interrogation room, locks the door and unplugs the camera. A few minutes later Peter calls Megan she needs to come to the station because the guy is dead.

Bud is taken off the case and the rest of the team is working under more pressure because their only lead is dead and the kid is still missing. Megan and Kate suppress their annoyance with one another and work to together rather well. They are able to find enough evidence to lead them to an accomplish, who is one of the other nanny’s from the neighbor. The team ends up saving the kid and Megan find out that Bud didn’t kill the suspect guy, a blood vessel broke in his brain because he had an infection.

Megan has some stuff with her mom, Joan, who is running for to be a judge. Their mother-daughter relationship is still really awkward, but there was some sweet stuff said. Also, Derek and Megan had to say good-bye at the end of this episode. He asked her on a date but she jokingly let him down. I’m not 100 percent sure what the show is trying to do here, but I think Derek will be back.

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