Body of Proof: “Lazarus Man”

 Grade: C+

Airdate: 10/11/11

This was not a bad episode of Body of Proof, but there was really nothing special about it. Megan’s (Dana Delany) family did not make an appearance, which made this episode less awkward than most. But to make up for Megan’s lacking family, we got family stuff for some other characters.

This episode started with the murder again, which has been the trend for the past couple episodes. All we see is a guy stumbling through the woods and then he falls down and dies. He is brought to the morgue by the new transportation girl, hot biker chick Dani. She and Ethan(Geoffrey Arend)  have a little thing. The guy, Alex Grant,  apparently died from a drug overdose, but Ethan finds a bullet wound. He goes to tell Megan and then the body disappears. He turns up, not dead, in the break room. As he is being taken to the hospital, Bud (John Carroll Lynch) and Sam (Sonja Sohn) track down his roommate Paul. They find him, but he is dead. This was a new type of start for BOP, it doesn’t usually do chase and action packed openings. It was good, but felt a little out of place.

Bud and Sam go to Alex and Paul’s apartment looking for evidence. Everyone who is confused why Paul, who works for a councilwoman, would room with heroin addict Alex. Later on the team finds where Paul was killed, which is the school construction site the councilwoman was sponsoring. Both Paul and Alex’s blood are found at the scene. After thinking Alex was the killer for a bit Megan finds out that he donated bone marrow to Paul.

Alex feels bad because he thinks Paul was killed because of something he did. Bud and Sam find out that Alex owed money to a mobster from Sam’s old neighbor. Sam knows the guy, who name is Mikey and I think he had something to do with her brother’s murderer that happened in the neighbor. Sam almost attacks the guy when he says something about her brother until Bud pulls her off. So finally we are getting a little bit about Sam’s past.

It turns about Paul was murdered by the councilwoman’s chief of staff because he found out that the school was on contaminated ground. Alex decides to turn his life around because of what happened to Paul.

Peter’s (Nicholas Bishop) sisters come to visit at the start of the episode, so we switch from Megan’s family to Peter’s. They also comment on this. Anyway, Peter’s old girlfriend Lizzie DeMarco is back in town and his sisters want him to call her. Megan keeps asking/teasing Peter about her. The episode ends with Peter and Megan drinking at a bar after both turning down people. They have a little sweet, joking moment about their partnership.

I’m not sure if the show is trying to start a romance between the two of them. I would call this a Bones similarity but almost every boy-girl cop partnership does this; Booth and Bones, Tony and Ziva, Jack and Renee. The only show that is seems to be able to pull off not making them get together is Law and Order: SVU, so I was waiting for this to happen.

The next episode was originally going to be the season finale of season one, so I’m interested to see this.

Watch “Lararus Man”


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