How I Met Your Mother: “Mystery vs. History”

 Grade: D-

Airdate: 10/17/11

How I Met Your Mother is becoming almost painful to watch, which I don’t understand sometimes. Almost everyone that works on the show now did in season one. So what happened? I used to just blame creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas for being sellouts and not ending the series after season five like it was supposed to. But, I might also need to blame them for writing since they have been credited writers on all 144 episodes. Anyway, I will stop ranting now and start this post.

This episode starts with Older Ted (Bob Saget) explaining to his kids, which we never really see anymore, that technology in 2011 had changed dating.  Mostly the episode is about iPhones and Facebook stocking. Apparently Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) and Robin (Cobie Smulders) do background research on every girl Ted (Josh Radnor) meets. They find the “she’s a great girl, but…” thing and Ted can’t date her anymore. Ted goes on a date with Janet, who he promised he wouldn’t background check. The rest of the gang does and sends Ted a bunch of links. It turns out she is amazing but too amazing and he is intimidated.

The other four plus Kevin (Kal Penn) are painting Marshall (Jason Segel) and Lily’s (Alyson Hanningan) baby’s bedroom yellow because they are refusing to learn the sex of the baby. They do a bunch of irrational stuff that is usually normal for later season them and Kevin gets annoyed. One reason this episode didn’t get an F is because Kevin called them co-dependent and incestuous, which was actually funny and kind of true. The other reason is Barney’s season one reference. They were all thinking up horrible things that could be wrong with Janet and Barney says it’s too late Ted is already six minutes into the date so he’s probably said  I love you already.

The only other thing that really happens in this episode is that we find out the baby is a boy. There is some stuff with Robin’s daddy issues but that detail has been over done in the past couple seasons. So, no comment.

Watch “Mystery vs. History”

I’ve decided I’m going to add something new to my HIMYM posts. I am always talking about how great seasons one and two were, but don’t really provide any prove. I going to start doing that by post clips of amazing moments from the early seasons.

HIMYM Throwback Moment: Season 1 Pilot


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