Body of Proof: “Point of Origin”

 Grade: B

Airdate: 10/18/11

Body of Proof seems to be slowly informing us of the past of the main characters one by one. First is was Megan(Dana Delany), whose father commit suicide when she was 12. Then it was Sam (Sonja Sohn), who is from a bad neighbor where a mobster killed her brother. This episode it was Peter’s (Nicholas Bishop) turn.

The episode starts with Peter driving down a darkened street to horrible music, which usually isn’t a problem for the show. Anyway, he arrives at a house that is on fire. He runs inside and saves a woman just before part of the house explodes. Megan, Sam and Bud (John Carroll Lynch) arrive at the scene. Peter is taken to the hospital with a badly bruised shoulder and the woman, Jenna, is in critical condition. The three of them meet Ray, Philly’s best arson investigator, and his prodigy Skip. Megan clashes with them, like she does with all law enforcement. Another person, Ben, was in the house and died during the fire.

Back at the office Megan and Kate(Jeri Ryan) have a few girl fight moments. Bud, Ethan (Geoffery Arend) and Curtis (Windell Middlebrooks) all just found out that Kate is dating Megan’s ex-husband Todd, which has been going on for at least four episodes. Peter spends the first part of the episode at the hospital with Jenna. He and Megan find out that Jenna was adopted and trying to reconnect with her birth-father. He didn’t want anything to do with her and Peter got pretty pissed about this. We’ve been told that Peter was a foster kid, but this is the first time we found out that he didn’t know his birth-parents and was adopted.

On top of that, being injured and not being able to save Ben, Peter gets another layer of guilt half way through the episode when Jenna dies. Dana Delany acted this scene very well because her facial expression only told us that she was really worried about Peter and that he might be more than a partner. Megan finds out that Jenna died from poison that she was given while in the hospital.

After suspecting Jenna’s boyfriend, her birth-father  and her birth-sister, the team lands on Ray. He corners Megan in the office when no one else is around. She tries to tell him that she know he did it because of a weapon he had. But he doesn’t have it anymore. He gave it to Skip a few months ago. Skip is at a crime scene with Peter and he starts to figure out that he was the killer. Megan, Bud, Sam and Ray arrive just in time to save Peter. This was not a good episode for Peter.

Megan and Kate’s relationship slowly improves throughout the episode. Kate tells Megan she is sorry but she is going to have to get over it because she is still going to date Todd. Megan is still mad, but Kate defends her against Bud at one point.  At the end of the episode Megan makes a few jokes about the relationship and actually gives Kate advice of where to take Todd.

The episode ends with Peter at the agency that Jenna used to find her birth-parents saying that he wants to find his. The episode was good but it was great. The show is still having some long evidence finding scenes, but few awkward moments, so it’s improving.

Watch “Point of Origin”


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