NCIS: “Safe Harbor”

 Grade: B+

Airdate: 10/18/11

After the big reveal on NCIS last week, I figured there would be something about it this week. But, there was nothing on the fact that Abby (Pauley Perrette) is adopted and she found her biological brother Kyle. As I said last week, when NCIS does emotional stuff with their female character’s it is always very good, so this episode was good.

During the opening scene we see a Coast Guard Petty Officer killed on an apparently empty cargo ship 10 miles off the coast of Norfolk. At NCIS Tony(Michael Weatherly), Ziva (Cote de Pablo) and McGee (Sean Murray) are saying that Gibbs (Mark Harmon) has been calling them and working even more than usual. Tony said they need to find him the perfect woman. Just then CGIS Special Agent Abigail Borin (Diane Neal) walks in  and tells the team they will be working jointly with the Coast Guard.

The team heads out to the ship, which is still anchored offshore. While investigating the crime scene, they hear noise coming from below. It turns out the noise was coming from a family locked in a room below deck. The family, who is fleeing to the U.S. from Lebanon, said the crew locked them in and abandoned ship. The team splits up and questions the husband, wife and two sons separately. Ziva was a connection with the wife Mariam, played by Shohreh Aghdashloo, by talking about lost family members and escaping violent countries.

NCIS Abby does some forensic magic and finds out that their was never a crew, so someone in the family killed the Petty Officer and locked them in the room. McGee then finds out that the husband, Farid, is a wanted terrorist who blow up a cafe in Lebanon in the 80s. This is all sort of ironic since the oldest son was saying he didn’t want to come to America because everyone will assume he’s a terrorist. Later on, Farid confesses that the oldest son was the shooter.

While the interrogation of the Farid is taking place, Ziva is on the ship having a heart-to-heart with Mariam about turning a blind-eye to what your husband is doing to protect your family. Ziva gets a little mad and insists it doesn’t work. Just after Farid blames the oldest son, Ziva and Mariam are locked into the mess hall and the Coast Guard Officer nearby is knocked out. Ziva gets them out, just as Gibbs, Tony, McGee and CG Abby arrive. Sometime between the interrogation and everyone meeting up NCIS Abby finds out that the ship is triggered to explode.

The team plus CG Abby and Mariam find the youngest son about to set off the bomb. He wants to make the U.S. pay for setting off a bomb in Lebanon that killed his sister. Mariam says she doesn’t want loss anyone else to this hatred and he stops.

The other story of this episode is that Tony, McGee and CG Abby with a little help from Ziva and NCIS Abby are looking through all of CG Abby’s friends to find the prefect woman for Gibbs. They eventually find one, but Gibbs already dated her and said it didn’t work because prefect isn’t any fun. A little while later Tony and McGee leave Gibbs and CG Abby alone. She tells him that his team is worried that he’s lonely. She asks him if he is and he denies it. CG Abby is called away and leaves the episode giving the audience the same feeling she does every time. That she will be back and something might happen between her and Gibbs.

At the end of the episode, Gibbs is alone with Ziva and asks her what she thinks about the whole situation with the Lebanese family. She says she is annoyed with Mariam for ignoring her husband’s terrorist activity and lying to her kids about who he was. She said her mother never told her anything either and she couldn’t figure out why. Gibbs said it was because she was just being a mom. Ziva also asks him if he is lonely and he says you can’t be lonely when you have kids.

I really like this line because it sums up an important part of this show. I could point out the obvious that the team is a dysfunctional family, but it applies particularly well to this episode and the last one. Ziva, Tony, McGee and Abby (the kids) spent a major part of the episode trying to set up Gibbs (the single dad) and it rehashes last episode’s theme that family isn’t always about blood. So, overall this was a very good episode, even if it mostly ignored the events from last episode.

Watch “Safe Harbor”


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