The Secret Circle: “Wake”

 Grade: C-

Airdate: 10/20/11

This episode of The Secret Circle was the show’s average, which I was a little surprised because Nick died at the end of the last episode. I think a lot could have been done but nothing good was.

The episode opens with Cassie (Britt Robertson) looking through the window where she first saw Nick. Then she sees a guy, who we later figure out is Nick’s brother Jake, played by Chris Zylka, standing in the yard by a burning crest moon symbol. The next morning Jane (Ashley Crow) tells Cassie that Nick’s death didn’t break the circle because it is bound through their blood lines.

Cassie is just getting to know Jake as we find out that the rest of the circle hates him and doesn’t want him to be added. He stole a bunch of money from Adam’s (Thomas Dekker) dad, so Adam hates him and Diana (Shelley Hennig) by default. Jake and Faye (Phoebe Tonkin) had a thing before he left. It ended so badly that Faye almost landed in a psych ward, according to Melissa (Sarah Parker Kennedy). So, they both hate him.

A bunch of weird stuff happens that the circle seems to blame Jake for. The burning crest moon symbol shows up in front of the abandoned house and Cassie is attacked by a girl, who looks like she is wearing a bad vampire costume, at her house. Jake comes to her rescue. It turns out Jake knows the girl, who is a witch hunter named Simone. Shortly after this Jane tells Cassie that she has a crystal and that Cassie is meant to lead the circle. Like usual Cassie is reluctant but half steps into her role by the end of the episode.

By the time we get to Nick’s wake, Adam and Jake have had a few fights and Faye has made a few bitch comments to Jake. Cassie spends a lot of time at the wake with Jake, which obviously annoys Adam. He says it is just because he doesn’t trust Jake, but Diana thinks it’s something different. Near the end of the wake, Diana is in the back room of the Boathouse taking care of Adam’s alcoholic dad. He lets it slip that Adam and Cassie are destined to be together. A lot of other stuff goes down at the wake. At one point Melissa yells at Faye and reminds her that this is about Nick. I think the episode also forgot that expect for Melissa’s story line.

By the end of the wake, Diana tells Adam that she knows about him and Cassie. Adam tries to deny it, which doesn’t work. Diana breaks up with him and runs to Cassie’s house. She points out that it is awkward, but she doesn’t have anyone else to talk to. Cassie has almost no dialogue during the scene, which I thought made it even more awkward.

The episode ends on a big twist moment, because Jake is also a witch hunter. He was sent by some secret group of witch hunter leaders to destroy the circle by killing Cassie and wiping out all the witches in Chance Harbor. Sure this was a good twist, but it still wasn’t even to safe the mundane plot of the rest of the episode.

Another thing that is annoying me about the entire series is the casting. All of the main characters are supposed to be 16, but the average age of the actors is 21. Some shows or movies are able to pull off casting parts older, but a few times I have had to remind myself that I am watching a group of high school kids. The bad casting continued into this episode because Jake, who is only supposed to be a few years older than the circle, is played by 26-year-old Chris Zylka. The show is not only casting its young parts old but also its old parts young. Jane, who is supposed to have a 16-year-old granddaughter, is played by 51-year-old Ashley Crow. Cassie grandma is casted younger than my mom, who has a 16-year-old daughter.


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