How I Met Your Mother: “Noretta”

 Grade: B-

Airdate: 10/24/11

I gave this episode a little bit higher grade than usual because it was a good balance of old-school How I Met Your Mother awesome and terrible later HIMYM crap.

It started with Older Ted (Bob Saget) talking about how Ted felt a little left out because everyone else is in a relationship. The problem of this is show because everyone can’t fit at the usual booth at the bar. Older Ted said it was even more of a problem when Barney brother James, played by Wayne Brady, come to visit. I got excited at this point. Yay, James! Sadly, James was only in one scene but that scene set up the rest of the episode.

James told the group minus Barney(Neil Patrick Harris) that he didn’t like Nora (Nazanin Boniadi) because she reminded him of their mom. Kevin (Kal Penn) then said it is perfectly normal for people to fall in love with people like their parents. James keeps comparing Nora to his mom until he eventually sees her and gets creeped out.

The rest of the episode is spent by Barney trying to sleep with Nora for the first time, but they keep hitting not-so-funny roadblocks. Marshall (Jason Segel) and Lily (Alyson Hanningan) are also trying to have sex through most of the episode but keep picturing the other as their dad, which is actually kind of funny.

Ted (Josh Radnor) is the third wheel to Robin (Cobie Smulders) and Kevin for most of the episode. Robin feels bad because he is the only single one in the group and Kevin is spending a lot of time at their apartment. Ted eventually realizes that he has to do stuff on his own if he wants to find someone.

There are some jokes that go one for way too long or just aren’t funny and a musical number, so it was an average later season episode. Wayne Brady’s appearance bumped it up to a B-.

Watch “Noretta”

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