Body of Proof: “Second Chances” and “Hard Knocks”

 Grade: “Second Chances”-B-, “Hard Knocks”-B-

Airdates: 10/25/11, 11/1/11

Second Chances

I’m glad I’m doing these two episodes of Body of Proof in the same post because in terms of relationships and emotional stuff they could have been a two-part episode.

This episode starts out with a girl being  drug through the woods and then killed. The show is being pretty constant with episodes starting with the murder, which is the norm but I liked that Body of Proof didn’t and showed the murder at the end. Megan (Dana Delany) and Peter (Nicholas Bishop) start investigating but can’t determine the cause of death even though she has several injuries.

They find someone else’s blood on her, but it is from a girl in jail. Bud (John Carroll Lynch) goes and talks to the girl, who says that the victim, Bryn Walker, worked at a horse farm that has a prisoners’ program. The team goes to the horse farm and thinks she died from falling of a horse and getting her foot stuck.

Megan is talking about the case while Lacey (Mary Mouser) is at her office. Lacey knows a lot about horses and helps Megan and Peter with the case. Lacey hangs around a lot because her dad Todd (Jeffery Nordling) is making her go to Boston with his girlfriend/Megan’s boss Kate (Jeri Ryan). Lacey doesn’t want to go and Megan doesn’t want her to. Kate tries to be as helpful as possible to not piss off Megan. Todd has a few screaming scenes with Megan about Lacey.

One of the times Lacey is at the crime scene she is alone with Bud and they start talking about Megan. Lacey makes an I wish I got to spend more time with my mom comment. Bud tells Megan and then she talks to Lacey about it. Kate ends up talking to Todd and tells him that she thinks it would be best if Lacey didn’t come. Megan realizes that Kate said something and thanks her for it.

The murder solving wasn’t anything special. They through a list of different suspects, have long evidence finding scenes and run into a bunch of twists before catching the bad guy, who is the victim’s boyfriend.

Todd and Megan sit down with Lacey and tell her she is going to start spending more time with Megan and doesn’t have to go to Boston.

Watch “Second Chances”

Hard Knocks

Lacey starts spending more time with Megan starts very quickly because she is at her apartment in the opening scene. Megan is getting ready for a date with FBI Agent Derek Ames. I’m glad they decided to continue this story line. She ends up missing the date because she is called to a crime scene. The victim is a high-school kid named Jake, who died outside a barn where a rave was held the night before.

On the murder side of the episode, Megan spends a lot of time trying to find a case of death and Bud and Sam (Sonja Sohn) interview the normal twisty lists of suspects.

Early in the episode Todd tells Lacey that he wants to move to California because he got an offer to teach at Berkeley. Obviously Lacey isn’t very happy about this and once she tells Megan all hell breaks loss, especially because she tells Megan after walking in on her and Derek about to do it. There are upwards of three screaming scenes between Megan and Todd throughout the episode. Kate is also in a weird place because Todd wants her to go too. Kate pretty much said she isn’t going to.

Derek makes an appearance every couple of scenes and helps the team on the case. It takes them a while to figure out the cause of death, which ended up being a punch to the heart. After interview about have to school and thinking it was the victim’s dad for a while they land on a girl was the victim’s tutor who punched him because he didn’t like her. I really hope the show doesn’t try to do high school again, they didn’t do it very well. This episode and the other one had the murder being reenacted at the end.

Around the end of the episode, Megan is at her apartment with Derek and apologies for not wanting to do much because she is thinking about Lacey. There is a knock on the door and Megan runs to get it thinking it is going to be Lacey, but its Todd. He can’t find Lacey and she isn’t answering her phone. Both of them freak out and yell at the other. Lacey was hiding inside Megan’s apartment and eventually comes out. Todd still isn’t sure what he is going to do, but Megan asks Lacey who she would choose. The episode ends with her looking at Megan and saying, “Who do you think?”

Overall, it was a pretty good episode even through it didn’t focus on the murder that much.

Watch “Hard Knocks”


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