Bones: “The Memories in the Shallow Grave”

 Grade: A+

Airdate: 11/3/11

After relieving that Brennan is pregnant and then leaving us for five months, Bones finally returned and of course the episode gets an A+. The episode started like every other. A bunch of guys are in the woods playing paintball and one of them finds the body.

The scene switches to Bones (Emily Deschanel) and Booth (David Boreanaz) in his apartment eating breakfast. I was wondering how the show was going to inform us about what happened during the five month hiatus, but it does it in one conversation. They have been living with each other for the past five months, but splitting time between each of their apartments. Booth says they should get their own place. Bones says Booth said he would never more in with someone again before getting married. Bones says she assumed he was going to ask her to marry him. Booth then says he is going to wait for her to ask him. Then they are called to the crime scene. The excitement from them talking about marriage makes up for the Hannah reference.

At the crime scene Booth is worried that Bones is going to hurt herself and she shots back with facts. The remains are taken back to the lab and Angela (Michaela Conlin) is able to identifies her. Right after that, Bones says that she thinks Booth is mad at her because she doesn’t want to move in with him. Angela sides with Booth and says that they should because of they are “starting a family”. I like that the show is saying “starting a family” and not “having a baby”, implying that they are going to get married and possibly have more kids.

The victim, Claire, went missing six months ago after she got amnesia but wondered back to her house six weeks ago. Bones says there are a lot of unexplained injuries from about six months ago. They are getting lunch at the diner and Bones says she wants Booth to move into her apartment. Booth says we wants to get their own place, but Bones thinks it isn’t rational and Booth gets made at her. They don’t get mad at each other very often so it is weird to see it thrown in with all the relationship stuff.

Booth and Sweets (John Francis Daily) go to talk to the victim’s psychiatrist. Sweets tries to get Booth to talk about Bones but he refuses. The doctor says Claire didn’t remember anything from the six months she was missing. The team eventually finds out that she went on a crime spree with a guy she meet right after she lost her memory. Booth finds the guy and he said that he had a bag of $80,000 burying in the same place Claire’s body was found. The bag is missing and the team finds out that the doctor, who has a gambling problem, was able to get Claire to remember where it was so he killed her and took it.

While that was all happening, Bones goes and talks to Angela again. Angela is still on Booth’s side and says that she understands that Bones is afraid to start a family because of what happened to her’s and her time in foster care. You can’t have a good episode of Bones without Angela around for emotional insight. Bones tells Booth that she wants to get their own place. Booth says it was so important to him because he wants the baby to no that he isn’t his father and that he gave him a real place to live.

Obiviosuly there was a lot of Booth and Bones stuff in this episode. But, there were a couple of Angela and Hodgins (TJ Thyne) scenes that had Michael in them. The baby they got to play him is so cute. The episode increased the gross factor way higher than usual. One scene involved Cam (Tamara Taylor) sawing to the skull, which still sort of had a face. Wendall (Michael Grant Terry) was the squintern. He was in the season finale and the season premiere, so there has been a lot of Wendall. But, I’m not complaining he is my favorite. Also, the theme song change more than ever before.

I was very interested and excited to see how the pregnancy was going to change everything and I really liked how the show did it. It would have cool to see everyone initial reaction to everything, but I understand why they didn’t. One thing I’m wondering is when Bones is going to have the baby. About half the show was filmed before Emily Deschanel had her baby and the other half after, so are we get the baby by episode 11?


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