NCIS: “Thirst” and “Devil’s Triangle”

 Grade: “Thirst”-B, “Devil’s Triangle”- A

Airdates: 10/25/11, 11/1/11


This episode of NCIS started with a marine walking down a highway and getting nicked by a semi-truck. He dies shortly after, but seemingly not form the accident.

Duckie (David McCallum) figures out that he died from water intoxication and was tied up before he died. Tony (Michael Weatherly) is the first to say waterboarding. The episode did a good job with setting that up because I was thinking it right before Tony said it. While Gibbs (Mark Harmon) and the team are off questioning people, Duckie is spend a lot of time with his girlfriend that he meet online Mary (Cheryl Ladd). Mary seemed to be in the episode a little too much, so I started suspecting something.

About half way through the episode when the team is trying to find the victim’s car they find another victim in the woods. He is tied to a tree with an empty water jug beside him. Abby (Pauley Perrette) finds out that this guy and victim had ecstasy in their systems, which made them drink all the water. The team is trying to find a connection between the victims and figure out that they both went to the military family center that Mary runs. Called it.

The scene  switches to Duckie and Mary at his house. She tells Duckie about the murders and said she did them because he said that every murder seemed the same, so she gave him something different. The team bursts in and saves Duckie from the obviously crazy Mary.

Overall, pretty good episode. It was a little predictable, I knew the murders were going to have something to do with Mary because she was in the episode way too much. Actually her and Duckie were in it so much that everyone was hardly in the episode.

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Devil’s Triangle

The episode starts with a guy, who is talking to his annoying wife on the phone, while going through a drive through. When he gets to the window he is shot with a tranquilizer gun. The scene switches to NCIS and a few minutes later Gibbs gets the call we all think is the “we got a murder” call. He doesn’t tell the others what it is and leaves. He goes to a coffee stand where he meets Tobias (Joe Spano) from the FBI. We find out that Diane (Melinda McGraw), Gibbs and Tobias’ ex-wife, called both of them. The guy from the drive through is her husband, Victor, and he is missing.

They both agree to help here, mainly because they both seem a little scared of her. They go to the drive through and find that two of the employees were shot and thrown in the freezer. Duckie makes a small appearance in this scene and seems a little shaken up by the whole my girlfriend was a psycho killer thing. I like when crime shows carry small details over into the next episode, NCIS doesn’t do it that often. Tony and Ziva (Cote de Pablo) get a kick out of watching Gibbs and Tobias interact with Diane and keep trying to figure out how she ended up with both of them.

Victor works for homeland security, so everyone is worried that his kidnapping is a terrorist action. It starts to seem like it is, but Victor is the terrorist. He staged the kidnapping, sneaked into a homeland security data storage place and stole the information to make an airborne virus. Gibbs and Tobias have a hard time trying to tell Diane all of this, but she insisted that he is being set up. They end up finding him locked up in a warehouse somewhere and he says the same.

Gibbs and the team thought that the terrorist wanted to build and sell virus, but Victor says they want to build and use it. Abby is able to find out from a voice message that they plan on using the virus at the Armed Forces football game, where the heads of all five branches will be. The team and Tobias go in and end up stopping the guy, who ends up being a higher up at Homeland Security.

Diane goes to Gibbs house near the end of the episode.  She says that she knows Gibbs didn’t love her, because the only woman he will ever love was his first wife Shannon. There was a lot of interesting insight about Gibbs in this episode, that one was probably the best. So with that and all the excitement it was a well done episode.

Watch “Devil’s Triangle”


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