Body of Proof: “Gross Anatomy”

 Grade: C

Airdate: 11/29/11

This was a pretty average episode of Body of Proof. There was overly eccentric supporting character, awkward family moments and other WTF romance.

The episode started with a medical school class having a funeral-type service for their cadavers. One student opens her body bag and finds that it isn’t her cadaver but a body of 20-year-old girl. Megan (Dana Delany) and the team are called in to investigate. Megan invites the class back to observe the autopsy. The adventure quickly ends after two boys in the class know more about the victim than they should. This is also when we meet eccentric bit character number one; genius medical student Dora.

Bud (John Carroll Lynch) and Sam (Sonja Sohn) question but the boys. This is when all the twists start. They I.D. the victim but find that it is a fake name, the professor is known for having a thing for blondes, etc. Dora, who is the only student Megan allows to stick around, notices a tattoo on the girls back covered up by another tattoo is for a local Irish band. Enter overly eccentric character number two, Rowan. Rowan is the victims on-and-off boyfriend who tells the sob story of their difficult childhood in Ireland. If he was going to be around for a few episode than the huge back story would have been fine, but it was a little too much for such a small part.

Megan eventually figures out that the victim has a 6-month-old baby, who is missing. After more suspects and twists, it turns out that the victim had an agreement with one of the boys in the class’s brother to give up the baby for illegal adoption. She backed out and he killed. There wasn’t a flashback in this episode, but the actor did a very good of telling what happened. So, it worked. The baby ended up being Rowan’s and Bud returns the baby to him near the end of the episode.

That brings me to the daddy issues section of this episode. First is Bud struggling with the idea of becoming a father. I think they keep bring it up to remind us that the story line is happening. I hope his wife comes in at some point because we haven’t met her yet. The second is about transport girl Dani (Nathalie Kelley). Dani has kind of been floating around like the office slut for the past couple episode but nothing has really been done with her character. Finally that changed. Peter (Nicholas Bishop) overhears a phone call between her and her dad. She tells him that he was abusive to her and her mom but found Jesus in jail and now whats to reconnect with Dani because he is afraid she is going to hell.

Dani and Peter have a few connects in this episode. Kate (Jeri Ryan) actually warns him not bring his personally life into the office because it didn’t go so well for her. But, Peter ignores that and the episode ends with him kissing Dani in the elevator. I’m interested to see Megan and Ethan’s (Geoffery Arend) reaction to this, mainly because I though it was going to be Ethan and Dani.



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