Bones: “The Male in the Mail”

 Grade: A

Airdate: 12/1/11

I feel like it should be Father’s Day because every show I watched this week had something to do with a character’s dad. There are a few sensitive subjects on Bones that you know the characters shouldn’t talk about. One of them is Booth’s (David Boreanaz) dad.

The episode starts with a dismembered body being found in a bunch of lost packages at the post office. The scene switches to Booth and Bones (Emily Deschanel) having breakfast at the Royal Diner, when Booth’s Grandpa “Pops”, played by Ralph Waite, walks in. He says he has something to tell Booth. He says he would rather do it somewhere else, but gives in and tells Booth that he dad died the night before in the VA hospital. Booth seems  unfazed by the passing of his abusive alcoholic dad that he hasn’t seen in 20 years. They get a called to the murder. Booth’s grandpa and Bones are concerned about him and Pops tells her to look after him.

At the crime scene Booth is acting a little weird and Cam (Tamara Taylor) asks him what’s wrong. Bones tells her what happened. Booth gets mad, because Cam knows everything about his father. Shortly after the rest of the squints and the FBI find out. Booth is getting some FBI help in this episode by Agent Shaw, the girl for “The Hole in the Heart” last season, played by Tina Majorino.  But with her and Sweets (John Francis Daliy) is looks like Booth is commanding a group of 12-year-olds.

The team finds out that the victim worked at a ship and print shop and was dismembered by their paper-cutter. For most of the episode the team thinks that the victims murder has something to do with the $60 million lottery that four members of the company won. The victim picked some of the numbers but didn’t get a cut of the money. Booth, the squints and Agent Shaw work to narrow down the suspect pool.

Like in most emotional episodes, Bones goes to Angela (Michaela Conlin) to ask her for advice about how to deal with Booth’s dad’s death. Bones asks her what she would do. Angela tells her that he isn’t in love with her and Bones will have to figure out how to respond in her own way because that’s what he would want.

Meanwhile, Booth is at his apartment talking to his grandpa. Booth is still mad and doesn’t want to have anything to do with his father. His grandpa gets a little mad at him and tells him that he still lost a son and is disappointed that Booth is refusing to do anything. I really like Pops’ character because he is also able to make Booth appear like a child. Booth then agrees to help with the paper work. They talk about Booth’s brother Jared, but it is never mentioned why he isn’t in this episode.

Squintern Clark (Eugene Byrd) finds out that the murder weapon was a tape gun and Hogdins (TJ Thyne) finds a weird piece of bone. Bones discovers that is from the necklace of the guy who works the front desk at the ship and print shop. He ended up killing the victim because he found out that he was mailing drugs.

I’m very annoyed that I can’t remember where I read this, but I read an article that listed the reasons why Bones works and is so popular. Someone in there it said that the murderer is always the first innocent person that Booth and Bones meet. I didn’t really want to believe that the show could be that simple. But, it has been true for the last two episodes. I haven’t remembered until they arrest the person so it hasn’t been ruining the episodes for me.

The ending scene is exactly how Angela said it would be. Bones would handle Booth’s feelings about his father in her own way. Pops gave Booth a box of stuff that his father left to him but Booth is refusing to open it. Bones says something about quantum physics, which Booth doesn’t understand. She explains that moments in time are always reoccurring so the few good times Booth had with his father are still happening. She tells him to think about those and he opens the box. That made my top ten best Bones endings.

The only reason this episode didn’t get an A+ is because Clark is one of my least favorite squinterns (tied for last with Daisy) and Agent Shaw is kind of annoying.

Sidenote: Only the first six episodes (this is number 4) were filmed before Emily Deschanel maternity leave, so we will either have a few episodes without Bones or a baby on Dec. 22. I really hope it’s the latter.


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