Body of Proof: “Your Number’s Up”

 Grade: B

Airdate: 12/6/11

This week’s episode of Body of Proof was a little different from most episodes. A lot during season one the show would make one certain character the focus of an episode and something major would happen to them. This one was different because that happened to three supporting characters and Megan (Dana Delany) appeared far less than usual.

The episode started with money flying out of an apartment window and quickly being gathered up by a group of boys playing football on the street below. One boy finds blood on the money and the team is called in. Sam (Sonja Sohn) tells everyone that about $50,000 come flying out the window, which didn’t seem to fit the neighborhood or the guy’s apartment. I was a little impressed because I thought for a moment that Body of Proof actually killed a non-rich person.

The victim’s name was Walter Brown, so it took a little time for him to be identified.  Finally the team finds out that he worked at a metal plant on the docks and his former co-workers tell the team that he had recently won $50 million in the lottery. Wow another dead rich guy in Philly, I’m so surprised Body of Proof.

Around this part of the episode it split into multiple different story lines that were all kind of important. Ethan (Geoffrey Arend) spends a lot of time working an a case by himself. He is trying to get certified by some board, that part wasn’t explained very well. Kate (Jeri Ryan) wants him to talk to the family of the victim, a college student who died after routine surgery. He freezes up and Kate has to come in and safe him. He spends most of the episode trying to find the case of death and eventually gets another victim from the same hospital.

Lacey’s (Mary Mouser) story line started in a very awkward scene early in the episode. Megan gave her a credit card to use for emergency and Lacey used it to buy a $300 hat. Megan takes the hat back and makes Lacey work for the money by scanning in files at the office. Lacey runs into the college student’s younger sister who is crying in the break room. Lacey does a better job dealing with her than Ethan did.

Peter (Nicholas Bishop), Bud (John Carroll Lynch) and Dani (Nathalie Kelley) have their own story lines that aren’t very important, mainly because there are so many others in this episode. Peter gets a letter with the names of his birth parents. I had totally forgotten around that story line. We doesn’t want to open it but does at the end of the episode. Bud’s wife is pregnant. That pretty much sums up his whole story line. Dani is back to floating around as the office slut; coming on to Ethan and then blowing him off to make out with Peter.

Anyway back to the murder, Megan, Bud and Sam go through the usual twists and ever-changing list of suspects; the event planner, the bitter cousin, the guy from Dinner Impossible. For a while we think it is the victim’s former best friend, who kept claiming that something was wrong with Walter. Everyone just thought the money changed him. Megan ended up finding out that he had a tumor on this kidney, which was making his hormones go all wacky. It turns out that the best friend was there when Walter died, but he ended up falling onto his own knife.

The supporting character story line were all wrapped up in the last few minutes. Ethan ends up finding out that a virus was infecting people in the ER at the hospital and Kate was able to stop the spreading. Ethan and Lacey have a conversation about how hard it is to deal with the victim’s families. They both end up talking to the college student’s family again and succeeding this time.

Overall the episode was all right. There was still awkward family moments between Megan and Lacey and horrible music throughout. The major problem I’ve been having with this season is Bud. We need to meet his wife if they are going to keep talking about the pregnancy. Put her in a life-threatening situation, make her a murder suspect, have a co-worker of her’s murdered or just have her walk into the police station and say hi because we haven’t met her yet.

Watch “Your Number’s Up”


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