NCIS: “Newborn King”

Grade: B

Airdate: 12/13/11

This was a good but rather predictable episode of NCIS. It is the shows last episode before their winter break so it was Christmas themed. During the opening scene a Navy guy rents a really expensive hotel room on Christmas Eve. He then gets a call from a mystery girl, opens his door and is shot and killed.

Meanwhile at NCIS, Jimmy (Brian Dietzen) is waiting for his future father-in-law, Ed, to show up so he can give him a tour of NCIS. Jimmy spends the rest of the episode trying to impress Ed and get him to stop making fun of NCIS. Tony (Michael Weatherly) get a card from his former finance Wendy saying she just got divorced and wants to see Tony. All the holiday stuff is quickly broken up and the team goes to the crime scene.

While they are there the mystery girl calls again and challenges Gibbs (Mark Harmon) to find her. Tony and McGee (Sean Murray) find a marine bag filled with women’s cloths in the dead Navy guy’s car. Abby (Pauley Perrette) is able to track down the girl at a shopping center somewhere in Virginia. The teams minus McGee goes out to find her. Gibbs and Ziva (Cote de Pablo) catch her in the dressing room of a women’s clothing store and find out that she is a marine and eight-and-a-half months pregnant.

The marine girl, Emma played by Erin Cottrell, says that three guys have been following her in Department of Defense cars and she thinks they killed her friend the Navy guy but she is the target. Abby and McGee are able to figure out that her Afghani baby daddy was the sole hier to land in Afghanistan that an Afghani tribe and the U.S. government wants for trade routes. So, her baby is the heir if it is a boy.

Gibbs decides that they need to get Emma back to NCIS because she is being followed and there is a blizzard coming. Tony and Ziva caught one of the guys outside the shopping center. Tony drives him back to NCIS. Gibbs and Ziva go with Emma. Of course Tony gets back fine and finds out that it was the tribe that is trailing Emma. Gibbs car starts having trouble and they are forced to pull over at a closed car repair/gas station place.

This is where it got predictable. Of course, Emma goes into labor just as the two other bad guys show up. Gibbs says with Emma to help deliver the baby and Ziva goes to be a bad-ass. There was sort of a sound editing fail in this scene. For some reason the sounds of Ziva killing people, a baby being delivered and “Silent Night” were all mashed together. It sounded terrible. It would have been better if all we heard was “Silent Night” and the rest of the audio was cut. Anyway, Ziva got the bad guys and the baby was a girl, so no more problems.

The episode ends with Tony going to Gibbs basement. Tony tells him that he went over to Wendy’s but sat outside and couldn’t bring himself to go in. Tony says Gibbs taught him that you can’t be fully dedicated to the job if you have a family. Gibbs tells Tony not to end up like him and then invites him over to Christmas dinner with Mike Frank’s daughter and grand-daughter. I really liked this ending because I am still trying to figure out if Gibbs told Tony to go get a family or if Gibbs is his family.

Watch “Newborn King”


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