How I Met Your Mother: “Tailgate”

 Grade: D-

Airdate: 1/2/12

I don’t really want to write a post about this week’s How I Met Your Mother, because I was hardly able to make myself watch the whole thing. I feel like I need to start almost every post with this, but the whole point of the show is Older Ted (Bob Saget) telling his kids how he become the person he had to be to met the mother. The show started to forget this mid-way through season four, but it is gone now.

The episode was divided into four story lines. First Marshall (Jason Segel) flies back to Minnesota to listen to the Vikings-Bears game with his dad at his grave. Marshall’s dad has been in far more episodes since he died than he ever was when he was alive. While Marshall is dealing with his daddy issues he is telling his dad a story about Lily’s (Alyson Hannigan) daddy issues. She calls her dad, who I think didn’t make his first appearance in the series in season five, and tells him that she is pregnant. He doesn’t seem to care and Lily’s story line continues with a bunch of daddy issues. Please, stop doing daddy issue episodes HIMYM.

Meanwhile, Robin (Cobie Smulders) is watching Sandy Rivers on the New Year’s count down show with her boyfriend Kevin (Kal Penn). Kevin has been popping in and out randomly since Robin cheated on his with Barney (Neil Patrick Harris). Sandy gets dumped by his girlfriend and Robin has to come and bail him out and ends up hosting the countdown show.

Eventually, this gets her an anchor position with Sandy Rivers. I would be more excited by the Sandy Rivers appearance, because he has been around since season one. But, it seems like he was brought in this season as Robin’s over-the-top boss and as a slightly different character, maybe that is because no one watched the show when he was a character.

Anyway, Ted (Josh Radnor) is the main character of his show so let’s get to his story line. He and Barney are stopped from going into the bar by the bouncer Doug because there is a $50 entrance charge. Barney and Ted then decided to open up the apartment as a cheaper bar, which is a repeat story line from season three or four.

Also, where did Doug come from and why? He was introduced not that long ago and Older Ted said had been there all along he just had forgotten to tell us about him. You know why because he did not exist until Carl the bartender left and Wendy the waitress was written off the show.

This was an overall horrible episode. Yeah, I think that is all I’m going to say, because this was too bad to give it anymore attention.

Watch “Tailgate”

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