Hiatus. And why I love American Horror Story

I decided to write this post for two reasons. One: I will be taking a brief hiatus from this blog. Two: I really like American Horror Story and my fondness for it has influenced my decision.

I have thought about trying to change-up the shows I review on this blog a bit, because other than How I Met Your Mother every show is a cop show. I like cop shows, but I have grown bored with them. The only one I love is Bones, but after giving us seven episodes mixed with seven months of waiting it is off the air again. It’s rumored to return in spring but the exact date isn’t set yet. So with Bones gone again, I was searching for another show to watch, an interesting one that I could grow to actually like. Well, I found it in American Horror Story.

I had heard a little about the show. My friend told me it was really good and my mom had been DVR-ing the episodes. When I was bored at home over break, I decided to watch the episodes my mom had recorded. I really should have gone online and started watching the season from the pilot, but for some reason I thought starting at episode seven was a good idea. Let’s just say I was really confused for a while. But that is one of the reasons why I like the show so much. It takes a level of understand and not just understanding the criminal justice system but an entire world. I’ve now watched the first part of the season and my mind has been blown a few times.

I’m really excited to learn more about the world in the second season, which is said to start in October. After watching the last episode I knew new characters were going to have to be introduced, because every character save for one is a ghost now and someone new had to move into Murder House. But after reading an interview with creator Ryan Murphy (check here for the link), I’m not sure how I feel about his plans for season two. He is not only planning an introducing new characters, but a new setting and storyline without most of the season one characters.

Murphy confirmed that Connie Britton (Vivien Harmon) and Dylan McDermott (Ben Harmon) will be back for season two, but not as Vivien and Ben. My curiosity about that was overshadowed by my overwhelming urge to yell, “That’s it!” This is where my mixed feelings about season two come in. Violet and Moira are my favorite characters and it seems that the show spend a lot of time developing their characters just to write them off after one season. But the creator’s vision is to have each season be one story, like an anthology. I’m not sure how I feel about that. Characters are what first draw me into a show, like Bones and How I Met Your Mother (which I will keep reviewing because I hate it so much and it has high readership).

I did read in another article that Jessica Lange has confirmed that she will be back as Constance. I’m assuming she and Tate’s psychopathic, murderous 3-year-old son will be the bad guys for season two. My curiosity will definitely get me to watch the show when it returns in October, but I’m still skeptical of how it is going to go.


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