How I Met Your Mother: “46 Minutes”

 Grade: B-

Airdate: 1/16/12

After a lot of really bad episodes in a row, How I Met Your Mother made an OK episode that actually followed the original purpose of the show. In this episode Marshall (Jason Segel) and Lily (Alyson Hannigan) official moved into their house in the suburbs, which is a 46 minute train ride away hence the title.

The episode opens with that and we are left in McClaren’s with the rest of the cast and Kevin (Kal Penn). Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) deems himself the new leader of the gang and tries to do something to stop Robin (Cobie Smulders) and Ted (Josh Radnor) from missing Marshall and Lily. Barney decided they are going to do something they would never have done if Marshall and Lily were there: go to a strip club. I liked this part because it is a reference to earlier episodes. Barney, Ted and Robin have gone to the Lusty Leopard together before for thanksgiving dinner when Marshall and Lily were in Minnesota.

When they are at the strip club they run into Stripper Lily and pretty much spend the rest of the night in a little over the top Russian mobster movie with Stripper Lily and her boyfriend (who Barney deemed New Marshall). It was kind of funny and the return of one of the doppelgängers was fun.

Meanwhile, real Marshall and Lily are dealing with moving into their new house and trying to get Lily’s dad to leave. He will not go and keeps telling them that they need him because he grew up in the house and knows it better than anyone. Marshall blows a fuse and all the lights go out. They ended up getting trapped in a Saw-like movie while Lily’s dad helps Marshall get to the fuse box via intercom.

The rest of the gang ups end ditching Kevin and going to Long Island because they miss Marshall and Lily. The episode ends with them all eating breakfast at the booth in their kitchen. Older Ted then reflects that they will not always live five minutes from their booth in McClaren’s but their booth were be wherever the five of them are together. So, it actually went with the show being the story of how Ted becomes the person he has to be to meet the mother. This episode was the story of them dealing with the changes of Marshall and Lily starting a family. So, pretty good episode HIMYM. I was impressed.


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