Bones: “The Crack in the Code”

  Grade: A

Airdate: 1/12/12

After being off the air for a while Bones gave us one last episode before being off the air again until an undetermined date in spring. I had heard a lot about this episode before I saw it. Tamara Taylor said that she thinks the new serial killer is the scariest one yet. I was a little reluctant to believe that because the final Gormogon episode still scares me and I have a tendency to yell, “The Gravedigger!” any time I see Deirdre Lovejoy on another show. With that said, I think the new killer might be the scariest.

At the beginning of the episode a skull and spine are found at a museum and “where is the rest of me?” is painted in blood on the statue of Lincoln above it. If that wasn’t weird enough Bones (Emily Deschanel) notices that the vertebrae have been re-arranged. Once everyone is back at the lab, Cam (Tamara Taylor) finds out the bones have been tied together with human gut and Wendell (Michael Grant Terry) finds out that the blood is from five different people.

Hodgins (TJ Thyne) thinks the vertebrae have been re-arranged because there is a code the killer wants them to find. He was right and with help from Angela (Michaela Conlin) discovers the location of the rest of the bones. Booth (David Boreanaz) and Sweets (John Francis Daley) find them on top of files of FBI informants, whose cases have been “suspended.”

After going through a few suspects they land on Christopher Pelant, a computer genius who hates the FBI. The only problem is that he is under house arrest after being caught taking down the Department of Defense’s website. Sweets points out that his ankle bracelet pings every 38 seconds, so he couldn’t have committed the murders because he can’t leave his house. He also isn’t allowed to have computers or accuse to the internet.

Everyone is still set on Pelant, and even more so after a journalist who was in contact with him is killed. Booth was trying to force him to give up his source, who gave him a bunch of inside information on the murder. Angela is the first to decide Pelant somehow committed the murders, after she scans the bones and they crash her computer system. She and Bones figure out that the virus came from the bones. So, Pelant can write a computer code into bone that brings down the Angela-tron. He is also able to create a paper trail that gets the body of the journalist cremated before Cam can do an autopsy. That was when everyone agreed that Pelant might be smarter than the entire team.

Booth promises Pelant that he is a simple guy and “simple guys always bring down guys like you.” Also, adding to the Pelant craziness, it seems that he has an informant inside the Jeffersonian and is making tech stuff out of old, broke computers that the FBI allows him to have. This is a very different serial killer for Bones, because we know who it is. We just have to wait for him to slip up so the team can catch him.

Mixed into the whole serial killer mess, Bones and Booth are still looking for a house. They are having a lot of trouble finding one and Booth says they need to hurry because Bones is due in six weeks. After getting the idea from Sweets, Booth bets on a house in the U.S. Marshal’s auction and wins. He takes Bones to the house, which is old, broken-down and belonged to a convicted criminal. Moments like this is why I love this show: Booth thinks Bones doesn’t like it and gets all embarrassed until she tells him that it is perfect because she can see the “bones” of the house. The episode ends with them kissing in what will be the baby’s room.

This was a very good episode and worked well as the starting point for three more months of waiting. I just hope the baby isn’t born during this break, because I want to see that in an episode.


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