The Bones Squintern Hierarchy

 First Place: Wendell Bray

 Second Place: Daisy Wick

 Third Place: Finn Abernathy

 Fourth Place: Vincent Nigel-Murray (Killed in “The Hole in the Heart.” Rest in Peace, sir.)

 Fifth Place: Clark Edison (Actually works at the Jeffersonian, but rotates through the squintern cycle)

 Sixth Place: Colin Fisher

 Seventh Place: Arastoo Vaziri (Changed his major to cultural anthropology and only returned for a few season six episode)

I have been wanting to write this post for a while because the squinterns have an interesting role on Bones and I would like to talk about them. The squinterns have been cycling through Bones since Zack was written off at the end of season three. The squinterns perform a specific function as a unit. They prove Bones’ point that no one person could replace Zack and they create a pool of fun reoccurring characters. Over the three and a half seasons the squintern pool has remained mostly the same and I have ranked them by how much I like them: Wendell, Finn, Fisher, Vincent, Arastoo, Clark and Daisy is in last place.

Now that my bias is out in the open, I think the show has formed its own hierarchy. To reach an understanding about this we first need to divide the squinterns into two groups: characters and interns. Fisher, Vincent, Arastoo and Clark fit into the intern group because they can be easily defined by one trait (breakdowns, facts, Muslim, awkwardness). Therefore, Wendell, Finn and Daisy fell into the character group. Each of these characters have important and complex back stories (Wendell and Finn) or are/were dating a member of the main cast (Daisy and Wendell). Because Finn has only been in one episode, the two characters fighting for the top of the hierarchy are Wendell and Daisy.

Starting out with some simple numbers,Wendell has been in 17 episodes and Daisy has been in 12. Daisy has been in a few episode when she was not the squintern, such as “The Mastodon in the Room” and “The Cinderella in the Cardboard.” Wendell has never been in an episode were he is not the squintern. I think the show likes Wendell the most because his episodes are always the really good ones, such as “The Mastodon in the Room”, “The Bullet in the Brain” and “Blackout in the Blizzard.” Not to mention the finale of season six, the premiere of season seven and the winter finale of season seven.

Another reason to prove that Wendell is the top of the hierarchy is now he is treated by the main cast. Yes, Daisy is dating Sweets, a member of the main cast. But, Sweets are Daisy are the ‘young couple’ and treated like kids. But Wendell, on the other hand, dated Angela in season five and was treated as a normal member of the older cast, though he is probably supposed to be the same age as Daisy.

Another aspects of Wendell that puts him on the top is his relationship with Angela and Hodgins. Wendell seemed to bond with each of them very early on. He quickly become friends with Hodgins and with Angela, after she had to explain to him how things at the Jeffersonian work. After Hodgins and Angela break up and Angela starts dating Wendell, he is still able to remain close friends with both of them. Angela eventually goes back to Hodgins and Wendell remains close to both of them. But he is almost more than just a friend. He is there to help Hodgins in “The Blackout in the Blizzard” when he finds out the baby could be blind. Wendell is also at the hospital when Michael is born and I don’t think it is just because he was the squintern for that episode.

In addition to Angela and Hodgins, Wendell is treated differently by Bones and Booth as well. When the money for his scholarship runs out Cam tries to convince either Hodgins or Bones to donate money so he can stay. They both seem to refuse but at the end of the episode, Cam says that enough money was donated for two scholarships. In the first episode of the sixth season after the team had broken up, Bones has to track down one of her interns to help her solve the case. Even through she come back with Daisy and knows exactly where she is, she goes and finds Wendell at his new job. He almost refuses because he doesn’t have enough money, but Bones offers to pay him and he returns. Even as recently as the last episode, Booth tells Bones that he talked to Wendell about restoring their house because he needs the money.

All these things have put Wendell at the top. All the squinterns work at the Jeffersonian but Wendell is part of the Jeffersonian family. If the show ever decides to make one of the squinterns a full-time character I think it should be Wendell and the show seems to agree. He might never be Zack, but he deserves the job.


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