How I Met Your Mother: “The Drunk Train”

 Grade: C-

Airdate: 2/13/12

This week’s episode of How I Met Your Mother was for the most part boring and when it was not boring, it was predictable.

The episode starts out withe the gang plus Kevin (Kal Penn) in the bar. Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) is complaining that he had to be Ted’s (Josh Radnor) wing-man and distract a girl named Quinn for three hours the night before and Ted didn’t even get with her friend. We keep flashing back to Barney and Quinn and Ted later calls him out for having a crush on her. Barney turns down a girl later in the episode saying there might be a thing with other girl. We are given a twist at the end of the episode. Quinn is Karma, one of the strippers from the Lusty Leopard.

That was the only good part of the episode because it was actually kind of cute and funny.

Ted and Barney have there own story line which involves them taking “the drunk train,” which is the last train from the city to Long Island. Lily (Alyson Hanningan) calls it the drunk train because everyone is drunk and will hook up with anything that moves. Obviously, Ted and Barney take it three nights in a row. Barney decides it is a bad idea because of Quinn. Ted realizes he wants something serious and the train is basically the Jersey Shore. It is actually supposed to be Jersey Shore, there was even a girl crying because Vinny left.

Lily and Marshall (Jason Segel) spend the episode in at a couples retreat in Vermont with Robin (Cobie Smulders) and Kevin. After dinner, Kevin and Robin go back to their room and Kevin proposes. I was actually happy when this happened. Not because of the proposal because I think it’s time for Kevin to be written off and I knew this would lead to that. Robin tells him she isn’t ready to answer yet.

She then tells Marshall and Lily there is something she needs to tell them and Kevin before she answers. I thought it was going to be that she cheated on Kevin with Barney, but no it was the not being able to have kids thing that I had forgot about. Robin tells Kevin and he is seemingly cool with it, so Robin says yes. I still knew this wasn’t going to last. She then tells him that she can’t only not have kids, she doesn’t want kids. He thinks about it some more and takes the ring back.

At the end of the episode Ted comes home from the drunk train and finds Robin alone crying on the roof. I knew something was going to happen between them, because the last time this happened they kissed. Robin tells Ted everything that happened. She says she understands that he couldn’t look past it, “who could?” Ted then replies, “I could. I love you, Robin.”

Again. Really HIMYM, this would have been unacceptable in season three. It’s season seven. Yes, this could be a way to work in the theory that Robin is the mother and the Ted’s kids are adopted. But Robin spent this whole episode talking about how much she never wants kids and that her mind will never change. So, this isn’t a plot twist. It is another waste of time. And if it isn’t, the writers need to revisit how to structure a story. Well, at least Kevin is gone.

Watch “The Drunk Train”


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