How I Met Your Mother: “No Pressure”

 Grade: D-

Airdate: 2/20/12

This episode picked up where last week’s almost as bad episode of How I Met Your Mother left off. Ted (Josh Radnor) is on the rooftop with Robin (Cobie Smulders) and he just told her that he loved her. Of course, a recap follows. I understand that a recap is needed. I had forgotten that Robin and Ted broke up at the end of season two because their “where do you want to be in five years?” answers were too different. But they are actually in the same place. The recap was way too long (and was followed by many other recaps), because most of the audience probably didn’t see seasons two and three.

Anyway, Ted–who used to be romantic–strangely walks off the roof and goes to bed. He is about to go talk to Robin, but she is at his door and they make out. Then in another lame, unromantic plot twist, Robin forgot she had to go to Russia for an assignment. I wish I was kidding, but that is really how bad this show has got. Not to mention that Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) spent most of the episode looking for Marshall (Jason Segel) and Lily (Alyson Hannigan)’s sex tape.

Ted meets Marshall and Lily at the bar and they say he has always been in love with Robin. Apparently, Lily has bet Marshall that Ted and Robin will not end up together, so she is secretly trying to destroy their re-connection. Come on HIMYM, can’t you do anything seriously.  Marshall and Lily then say that Ted hasn’t gotten married in the past five years because he is still in love with Robin or the show got signed for six, then eight seasons after season four and the whole plot line deteriorated.

Barney randomly comes in after the sex tape stupidity and Ted realizes Robin hasn’t gotten with him because she is still in love with Barney. Robin comes back and tells Ted that she doesn’t want to be with them. Ted breaks off the getting married at 40 thing. Ted tells Marshall he is over Robin. Marshall doesn’t think so and goes to tell Robin that he thinks she should move out of the apartment. She agrees and leaves.

The episode ends with two scenes. In the first Ted walks out of the bar, while Older Ted is telling us that since the Robin door has closed many others have opened. The street is filled with girls with yellow umbrellas, which doesn’t make sense. Ted has the mother’s yellow umbrella because she left it at a party back in season three.

The final scene is Marshall saying that he still doesn’t think he lost the bet. Meaning that there is a chance that Robin and Ted could try to be a couple, again. Please HIMYM, don’t be so stupid, again. There is a reason why Older Ted calls her Aunt Robin: she isn’t the mother.

I gave this episode a D-, instead of an F, because it made it seem like it will start focusing on Ted becoming the person he needs to be to meet the mother. But, I’m sure that will all be lost next week.

Watch “No Pressure”

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