How I Met Your Mother: “Karma”

 Grade: C-

Airdate: 2/27/12

I’m a little conflicted about this episode of How I Met Your Mother. Mostly, I hated it. But, that is not out of the ordinary. There were parts of the episode that I really liked and one that made me feel like it was 2006 and I was watching season two.

The episode started with Robin (Cobie Smulders) moving out of the apartment. She then moves in with Marshall (Jason Segel) and Lily (Alyson Hannigan) in Long Island. I instantly knew that wasn’t going to last long. It didn’t. Apparently, Marshall and Lily have gotten super old since their move to the suburbs and  now do things like bingo and bowling for fun. They do starting treating Robin like creepy kidnappers, which was pretty funny. Robin’s diary entries/voice over not so much. Robin eventually escapes and we find out that Marshall and Lily want to move back to the city.

Ted (Josh Radnor) spends most of the episode trying to get over Robin moving out. He changes her bedroom into his ‘hobby’ room. He goes through about four hobbies in the course of the episode. None of it was funny. Also, Robin kept popping up as a weird hallucination thing. HIMYM uses this technique a lot and I feel like it only worked once–in “Nothing Good Happens After 2 a.m.” with Victoria, but she wasn’t a hologram just a person.

Barney’s (Neil Patrick Harris) story line consists of him trying to get Quinn/Karma the stripper to go on a date with him. I’ve been trying to pin-point when Barney became more of a hopeless romantic than Ted. I think it started with Nora. Anyway, Quinn, played by Becki Newton, spends most of the episode scamming Barney by making him pay for a lap dance to talk to her. Barney later catches pulling the same trick on another guy and he decides the relationship isn’t going to work. Until, he runs into her in a coffee shop around the end of the episode and convinces her that he is worth a chance. I don’t really see this relationship lasting, because Barney has started about four or five serious relationships this season.

I actually liked the ending, which is why this episode got a pretty high grade for HIMYM. Ted texts Marshall and Lily saying that he wants to meet them in the city. They instantly hop on the train and go to the apartment. When they get there it is empty. I had a genuine HIMYM fan moment and freaked out when I saw the apartment empty. Marshall and Lily find a note on the wall from Ted. He decided to move because he needed to move on, just like he needed to move on from Robin. He said he needed a change to be happy and that Marshall and Lily should start their family in the apartment. I thought it was a sweet and classic HIMYM moment. The rest of the episode wasn’t that great, but the ending made me not completely loathe HIMYM. But, like always, that will probably change next week.

Watch “Karma”

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