Bones: “The Prisoner in the Pipe”

 Grade: A+

Airdate: 4/2/12

Now, this was a very highly anticipated episode of Bones and usually these episodes are excellent. This episode was no exception. But, after making us wait three months to finally get Baby Bones, I was so excited for this episode it could have been terrible and I probably wouldn’t have cared. But, it wasn’t so it gets an A+.

The episode starts with body parts being found in a toilet. As Cam (Tamara Taylor) and a very pregnant Bones (Emily Deschanel) retrieve the parts, Booth (David Boreanaz) voices his concerns about Bones going into labor at any moment. They then both start arguing about whether they are having the baby at house, which is what Bones wants, or in a Catholic hospital, obviously that is Booth’s idea. The team is able to identify the victim as a Bernie Madoff-like character who recently escaped from a federal prison.

Hodgins (TJ Thyne) and squintern Daisy (Carla Gallo) are able to find the rest of the body in a sewer line with the help of a robot that looks like Wall-E and is just as cute. The sewer line ends at the prison and they discover that the victim never escaped but was killed in the prison and dumped in the sewer. Daisy is my least favorite squnitern because she is really annoying. And she was in this episode, but she had a few scenes with Hodgins, who made fun of her the whole time and it was pretty funny.

Booth and Bones continue their Catholic hospital vs. home birth argument for most of the episode. They have a cute scene when Bones says she should get to choose where the baby is born because she is going to let Booth have the baby baptized. Booth’s surprised reaction is adorable, but of course Bones goofs it up by saying mythology is good for children to make sense of the world. They then get into an argument about religion and make a reference to the birth of Jesus.

They go the prison to interview people and Booth is constantly concerned that Bones will have their daughter in prison. They interview a prison guard, the victims “friend”, and a gang member that beat him up. Booth and Bones spend most of the time at the prison while getting constant updates from Daisy, Hodgins and Angela (Michaela Conlin). The team finds out that the victim was killed with a shank made out of pages from a cookbook. Bones starts having minor contractions just as all the clues start pointing to the prison guard. Booth freaks out saying they have to leave. Bones says information travels too quickly in prison and they must stay. I love when shows take fan criticism and do something with it. All the evidence pointed to the prison guard , the second seemingly innocent person they talked to (who is usually the killer), and the show made us believe he was the killer for a while. Then it switched it around and made it the victim’s friend, the third seemingly innocent person they talked to. Well done Bones, well done.

All the evidence against the prison guard ends up being circumstantial and Bones says they need to find the victim’s friend because he is the killer. She ends up walking into the mess area that is filled with prisoners yelling the killer’s name. He starts a prison riot, which Bones and Booth get trapped in. All the prisoners move out of Bones’ way , so not to hurt a pregnant lady. Booth on the other hand has to fight his was through and gets to Bones just in time to stop the killer from hitting her with a table leg.

Bones then announces she is in labor and they run out to the car. Booth keeps saying that they are only 30 minutes from the hospital. Bones says they aren’t going to make it. Booth eventually gives in after being yelled at and stops at an inn, which is full but the owner says there is a barn in the back they can use. So surrounded by farm animals, they prepare to deliver their daughter.

Booth points out that it is a little hard to ignore that there is a higher being because of their current situation. Bones says it is all circumstantial. I loved the dialogue in this scene because they are bickering even while delivering their baby. Their daughter is delivered safely and they have a “we are a family” scene very similar to Angela and Hodgins’.

They then return to their house, where the team plus Sweets (John Francis Daley) and Daisy have gathered to greet their baby. Angela asks what the baby’s name is. And in an incredible sweet bit of dialogue Bones tells everyone that, “We named her Christine. Christine Angela.” Angela’s reaction almost made me cry it was so sweet. This is definitely the best episode of the season so far.

However, I was a little annoyed that Daisy was there to when Christine came home. She just seemed a little out-of-place. Now, Wendell was at the hospital when Michael was born, but that was not just because he was the squintern for that episode. He is very good friends with Angela and Hodgins. And if I had to pick one squintern Bones is “friends” with I would pick Wendell. Daisy made sense because she is Sweets’ girlfriend, but couldn’t have Wendell been there too.



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