How I Met Your Mother: “The Broath”

 Grade: C

Airdate: 4/2/12

After the opening scene of this episode of How I Met Your Mother, which included Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) and Ted (Josh Radnor) dressed as monks and swearing an oath on “The Bro Code”, I assumed I was going to hate this entire episode. And I did from a comedy stand point. As a comedy show, this episode was horrible. There was maybe one thing I thought was funny. But, from a drama stand point I liked this episode. HIMYM used to have a lot of dramatic story lines mixed in with actually funny comedy, but the drama portion has been absent since season five. However, it returned in this episode and it wasn’t that bad.

So, during the broath Ted swears that he will not tell the gang that Barney is dating a stripper–Quinn/Karma played by Becki Newton–who tricked him out of a ton of money. Of course, Ted goes right to the bar and tells everyone. They decided this isn’t a good idea that they need to break them up. Everyone goes over to Quinn’s apartment and she is being strangely controlling and everyone finds it a little weird. They also announce that they are moving in. Ted and Robin (Cobie Smulders) then start fighting about who should get to lease the apartment, because they both still haven’t found a place to life since their apartment was given to Marshall (Jason Segel) and Lily (Alyson Hanningan).

The gang decides to have an intervention to tell Barney that he is moving too fast with Quinn, who is controlling and doesn’t seem like a good person. Quinn happens to walk into this and breaks up with Barney because he didn’t want his friends to know she was a stripper. There was a bunch of comedic stuff thrown in here, but it was so bad I’m not going to talk about it. I mean it was like green screen, togas and ninjas bad.

Somewhere in here Robin decides talk to Ted alone because they have been acting weird around each other since out-of-nowhere plot twist that he is still in love with her. This scene wasn’t that bad and kind of reminded me of the old HIMYM. Marshall and Lily then say they should all go over to Barney’s and apologize. They do and Barney makes them all swear a broath that they will not interfere with his love life again. They all swear and have to kiss each other (Lily and Robin, and Marshall and Ted). Quinn then walks out of the kitchen and she and Barney explain that the whole thing was an evil plan to mess with them. Barney asks everyone what they think of Quinn now and Marshall says “You two are perfect.”

They stay together and actually do move in with each other. The episode ends with Robin getting a promotion and a nice apartment, so she lets Ted have Quinn’s. They have an awkward moment at the bar and then Robin says she has to go but she will see him soon. Older Ted then tells us,” I didn’t see her for a while, but more on that later.”

Now this, much like seeing the original apartment empty, created an old-school HIMYM fan moment for me. I’m actually a little worried that Robin isn’t going to be around for a while. I don’t agree with the show trying to force a romance between Ted and Robin again, but I still want Robin to be around. But, this whole thing will probably not last for more than a few episodes and will create no important story lines.

As I have said numerous times, HIMYM has forgotten the premise of the show: this is the story of how Ted became the person he had to be to meet the mother. And sure maybe, not seeing Robin for a while will create something that leads him to this goal. But, I bring this up because Ted’s life seems to have been on a stand still since Stella left him at the altar in season four. Meanwhile, Marshall and Lily are having a baby, Robin is focusing on her career and not getting married (which was her plan in the earlier seasons), and Barney probably going to marry Quinn. The writers tried to say this was because Ted was still in love with Robin, but that isn’t it. The show has forgotten its purpose and Ted is no longer the main character.


One Comment on “How I Met Your Mother: “The Broath””

  1. Marie says:

    Okay, honestly, I’m going to have to call you on this ’cause the sheer idea that there was no drama in this season ’til the “broath” episode is ridiculous. What about Robin choosing therapist guy (whose name I’ve already forgotten) over Barney? That scene where time stopped for a moment while we watched Barney be completely crushed was so heart-breakingly beautiful that I actually teared up. Or when Robin found out that she couldn’t have kids and you find out, at the end, that the “kids” she’s been talking to are nothing but figments of her imagination? How can you have seen those two scenes and not seen that those two scenes are more dramatic than most of the drama movies that are currently out there? Those two episodes, in my opinion, are some of HIMYM’s best because they mix the dramatic in so well with the storyline that you don’t notice until the end that drama has all of a sudden taken center stage on a sitcom.

    As for the show having lost its way a bit, I completely agree with you. However, I do think that there is a reason that Ted is currently at a standstill and that’s because the writers are getting everyone else where they need to be. Barney has to have his wedding so that Ted can meet the future Mrs. And in order to do that, Barney has to get to a place where he’s ready to commit and, yes, that has taken a while but, honestly, considering how Barney is, that’s not too terribly surprising. And I appreciate the fact that the writers aren’t willing to rush character development just to make a story go faster. And maybe Marshall and Lily’s baby is going to be important to that or maybe the writers are just following the natural progression of the characters’ growth and development.

    I do admit that several of the episodes did fall rather flat for me (the housewarming one immediately springs to mind) but I have faith that the writers are going somewhere with this. After all, they put a timer on themselves in the Star Wars episode where it was revealed that Ted has a baby daughter in 2015.

    So, yeah, hope I wasn’t too harsh in the first paragraph but considering how powerfully those two episodes affected me, I couldn’t just not say anything.


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